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Social, Moral, spiritual and cultural knowledge gives pupils opportunities to reflect on their experiences and how they are developing.   It helps them to understand and manage responsibly a range of behaviours as they mature.  It also helps them to show respect for the diversity of, and differences between, people.  

SMSC is at Leeds East Academy is when we students and staff look deeper into some philosophical areas of life and what we would call the ‘bigger picture’. This is done in a variety of ways across the academy.  for example, during form time, assemblies, within lessons and extra-curricular activities. 

What is SMSC?


This is how Students develop themselves spiritually. This can be looking at different beliefs and religions or thinking about the values and perspectives other people have and although not always agreeing learning to respect these. 


Students developing their own moral compass. From the basics of knowing right from wrong and applying this to their own lives to developing and understanding and opinion on ethical and current affairs. While developing their moral compass students will also understand that some actions will be followed by a consequence and understand why this is.   


A student's social development is shown by how they can socialise and fit in a variety of different contexts, situations and environments. They can hold conversations in a classroom, the playground but also the dinner table. They will understand a range of different cultural influences that have shaped and developed their own background and respect that of others. They will be confident at expressing opinions and listening to other opinions whether that be about sport, music or politics.  


Cultural development is students appreciating and understanding not only their own heritage but the heritage of others they may come across at LEA but later in life the workplace and wider world. They will show interest in other cultures, religions, ethnicities and socio-economic groups and look at other communities not only locally but nationally and globally. 

SMSC in Action

Meeting Malala


Language is Important - Assembly  National Citizen Service
Human Utopia - Workshop Resolving Conflict - Assembly Role Models - Assembly
Mental Health - Assembly    

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