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Behaviour and Safety

At Leeds East Academy we believe that behaviour and safety are two of the most important aspects of student learning.

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Our philosophy at Leeds East Academy is absolutely clear: we want to teach our students well so that they learn to the best of their ability and go out into the world with the best possible springboard to becoming productive and successful citizens.

We are committed to providing the best possible learning experience for all our students and believe that high standards of behaviour are fundamental to students taking full advantage of their learning opportunities and achieving their full potential. Good behaviour in the classroom is also essential for good teaching and learning to take place and we see parent/carers as important partners in upholding our core values and encouraging positive attitudes to learning.

Quote ‘Higher expectations of behaviour, attendance and the way in which pupils present their work are helping pupils to value their education’ - Ofsted May 2017


At LEA we recognise that our students thrive on praise and recognition. Central to the philosophy of the Positive Behaviour Policy is the promotion of high expectations with encouragement and for teachers to praise and ‘catch students being good’. We believe that praise and encouragement are far more motivational than sanctions and punishment and praise should far outweigh sanctions in any classroom.

Students will be consistently recognised for their positive actions, both in and out of lessons.

  • Praise Stamps: Regular recognition of positive action from students will occur in every lesson and, whenever possible, outside of lessons.
  • Student of the week postcards: Weekly recognition for outstanding progress made in lesson or around the academy/community.
  • Level 1 – 5 Certificates and badges: Awarded when students have collected a certain level of stamps.

Pastoral support

We pride ourselves on the excellence of our pastoral care as we believe it’s important our young people feel safe, happy, supported and cared for, which enables the development of their character, well-being and potential. Pivotal to the pastoral care programme is the important role of the Year Manager and Form Tutor, who have daily contact with our pupils and parent/carers and are able to help with the pupils’ personal daily organisation, deal with any concerns quickly and effectively as well as monitoring planners, school uniform, behaviour, attendance and academic progress.

The dedicated Form Tutors also meet pupils each morning and follow a planned programme of Personal, Social, and Health Education (PSHE). As part of this pupils are encouraged to express their thoughts and feelings on a wide range of topical issues such as democracy, British values, social justice and human rights. We also aim to build skills in literacy and numeracy. Form time is an opportunity to check students’ physical & emotional well-being through discussions.

‘Leaders know their pupils well and make pupils’ well-being a priority’ - Ofsted May 2017

Recently we undertook feedback surveys to from staff, parents and students to gauge the impact of PD. The feedback has been incredible. On this page you will find links to the frameworks, under which we promote these aspects of day to day student life around the Academy.

What Parents said :

  • 98% agreed/strongly agreed that the academy keeps their child safe.
  • 99% agreed or strongly agreed that behaviour has improved at the academy

  • 100% agreed/strongly agreed that the academy sets high standards for behaviour.

  • 99.3% agreed/strongly agreed that teaching has been better this year.

  • 100% strongly agreed/agreed that PD has had a positive impact on behaviour.

  • 97% also agreed/strongly agreed they are happy with their child’s experience at Leeds East Academy


What Students Said :


  • 96.6% agreed/strongly agreed that PD has helped improve behaviour in lessons.

  • 96.3% agreed/strongly agreed their own behaviour has improved this year.

  • 96.5% agreed/strongly agreed that behaviour around the academy has improved.

  • 99.59% agreed/strongly agreed that they are clear about their progress and what they need to do to get better.

  • 95.14% agreed/strongly agreed that teachers always challenge low-level disruption.

  • 98.75% agreed/strongly agreed that teachers reward our good behaviour.


What Teachers Said :


  • 82% strongly agree/agree that low-level disruption is rare in my lessons.

  • 98% strongly agree/agree that PD has had a positive impact on my teaching.

  • 96% strongly agree/agree that the school leadership team are pro-active in dealing with behaviour across the Academy.

  • 98% strongly agree/agree that PD has been a success.

  •  98% strongly agree/agree that the school is moving in the right direction.