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Year 11 Support 


As our Year 11 students progress through their final year at Leeds East Academy and begin to prepare for GCSE examinations, we will ensure that they are supported both academically and pastorally to finish their journey with us successfully and are prepared their next steps in further education and careers. The below provides an overview of what will be provided and implemented over the remainder of this academic year.

Support and Intervention

Given the amount of learning time that has been disrupted by COVID-19, we are looking to seize every opportunity to support our students, ensuring that their remaining year with us is maximised. To accomplish this, subject specialists will be providing students with a host of bespoke and targeted intervention opportunities based on individual needs to support their progress to achieve strong academic outcomes.

It is important that students utilise these opportunities. 

Before and After School Intervention

 The academy provides a comprehensive before and after school intervention offer, targeting key knowledge and skills. Morning sessions start at 8.00am. Afternoon sessions commence at the end of the academy day.

Please encourage your child to utilise these additional opportunities. 


Before School


Maths: E06a / E48 / E56 
Science: A36b 
English: E35 / E38 / 46

Sport: A06

Science: A39

Geography: E26 


Spanish: E24 / E25 
Citizenship: E32
After School










Revision Space: A07 

Science: A39
Drama: L02


Revision Space: A07
Maths: E48
Music: E09
Drama: E09
Computer Science: A06
Health & Social Care: A08
Music: E09
History: E33

March Mock Exams Timetable 


Kick Start 

Period 1 

Period 2 

Period 3 

Period 4 

Period 5 


Friday 1st March 


Photography Exam (11y/Py1) 

Monday 4th March 


Computer Science: Paper 1 

Drama C3 Written Ideas Log 

English Language: Paper 2 

Tuesday 5th March 



Mathematics: Paper 1 (Non-Calculator) 

Spanish Reading & Listening 


Wednesday 6th March 


Photography Exam (11z/Py1) 



Further Maths: Paper 1 

Citizenship Paper 1 

Music C3 Initial Response 


Thursday 7th March 



Biology: Paper 2 

History: Development of Germany 


Friday 8th March 



Spanish Writing 

English Literature: Romeo & Juliet/A Christmas Carol 

Monday 11th March 



Mathematics: Paper 2 (Calculator) 

Health & Social Care 


Tuesday 12th March 



Computer Science Paper 2 

Drama C3 Written Skills Log 

Chemistry: Paper 2 


Wednesday 13th March 




History: USA 


Thursday 14th March 



Mathematics: Paper 3 (Calculator) 

Citizenship: Paper 2 


Friday 15th March 




Further Maths: Paper 2 

Physics: Paper 2 


Monday 18th – Tuesday 26th March 

Spanish Speaking Mocks 

30-minute slots 

GCSE Examinations - Dates 






Week 1

6th May

7th May

8th May

9th May

10th May



Health & Social Care




Biology P1

1hr 10mins/1hr 45mins





Italian & Urdu

Listening – H: 45mins

Reading – H: 1hr


Week 2

13th May

14th May

15th May

16th May

17th May


English Literature P1

1hr 45mins


Listening – H: 45mins

Reading – H: 1hr

History P1


Mathematics P1

1hr 30mins

Chemistry P1

1hr 10mins/1hr 45mins


Sport Studies

1hr 15mins


Computer Science P1

1hr 30mins


Geography P1

1hr 30mins

Week 3

20th May

21st May

22nd May

23rd May

24th May


English Literature P2

2hrs 15mins

Citizenship P1

1hr 45mins

Physics P1

1hr 10mins/1hr 45mins

English Language P1

1hr 45mins


Writing – H: 1hr 15mins



Writing – H: 1hr 15mins

Computer Science P2

1hr 30mins


Writing – H: 1hr 15mins




Half Term

Week 4

3rd June

4th June

5th June

6th June

7th June


Mathematics P2

1hr 30mins

Spanish Listening – F: 35mins H: 45mins

Reading – F: 45mins H: 1hr

Geography P2

1hr 30mins

English Language P2

1hr 45mins



Citizenship P2

1hr 45mins

History P2




Biology P2

1hr 10mins/1hr 45mins

Week 5

10th June

11th June

12th June

13th June

14th June


Mathematics P3

1hr 30mins

Chemistry P2

1hr 10mins/1hr 45mins



Geography P3

1hr 15mins


Spanish Writing

F: 1hr H:1hr 15mins

Further Maths P1

1hr 45mins

Polish & Portuguese

Listening – H: 45mins

Reading – H: 1hr


Physics P2

1hr 10mins/1hr 45mins

Week 6

17th June

18th June

19th June

20th June

21st June




Further Maths P2

1hr 45mins





Polish Writing – H: 1hr 15mins

Portuguese Writing – H: 1hr 20mins




GCSE Results Day 2024

Details for Results Day – Thursday 22nd August 2024

  • 9:30 – 10:00 Students arrival via Main Reception
  • 10:00 – 11:00 Leavers assembly and celebration brunch
  • 11:00 – 12:00 Collection of results from the Sports Hall

We know that GCSE Results day is a day that we all look forward to with a mix of excitement and often, a great deal of apprehension. These results are the culmination of years of hard work.  We are incredibly proud of the resilience, integrity, and ambition that this Year 11 cohort have showcased.   Results Day is a key milestone moment for your child, and we look forward to welcoming them back on 24th August to share in and celebrate their achievements.

Whilst students are collecting results specialist colleagues will be available to provide further guidance relating to academic outcomes and further education/careers.  Members of staff from Leeds City College will also be based within the academy to provide appropriate support.

In the event that there are changes in circumstances prior to Thursday 24th August, updated plans will be communicated with you. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

What does my child receive on Results Day?

On results day your child will be issued with an envelope which will include the following:

A single document that will detail all results.

Guidance on the dispatch of formal GCSE certificated from exam boards – these arrive in school about three months after results day.

What if my child is unable to collect their results in person on Results Day?

Please note that GCSE Results belong to the student only and cannot be collected by another person.  If the student is unable to collect their results, they can nominate a close relative of their family (not friend, neighbour or acquaintance) to collect their results in their place. The student must provide written confirmation (email or letter) to the school that their nominated person can collect for them. That person must also provide ID at the collection point, along with the letter.

What if my child and the family is unable to collect their results on Results Day?

If a student and their family are unable to collect their results on the day, they can request their results to be emailed to them by the school. This request must be made by Wednesday 23rd August.

The student themselves must email the school at info@leedseastacademy.org and address the email to Miss Dransfield by Wednesday 21st August. Students must send the email using their school email address. Again, as the results belong to the student, results can only be emailed to the student themselves.

If you require any further information regarding the logistics of the day, please do not hesitate to get in touch.  We hope to see your child at Results Day to recognise their achievements over the last 5 years, and the resilience they have shown throughout a national pandemic and an extremely challenging final three years of their education.



Remote Intervention

When students were required to work from home, we all adapted to accessing online resources and were able to use these to continue studying. We want to continue to utilise this as a provision to support the progress of our students. Using Class Charts, subject teachers will set bespoke interventions for targeted students based on individual need and target grade.

Interventions will be set weekly on Mondays. These interventions will be in addition to home learning set and target students will be rotated throughout the year.

Revision and Preparation Platforms

The platforms below can be utilised to consolidate learning and revise in preparation for future assessment.

Please also refer to the Revision Guidance page for further resources and strategies to support independent study.


Support Guide

Support Guide

Support Guide

Support Guide

Managing Exam Stress

Please find a useful guide below for managing exam stress, which provides tips and hints on how to combat any potential fears.

Managing Exam Stress Guide