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Year 11 Support 


As our year 11 pupils move into their final year at Leeds East Academy and begin to prepare for GCSE examinations, we will ensure that they are supported both academically and pastorally to finish their journey with us successfully and are prepared their next steps in further education and careers. The below provides an overview of what will be provided and implemented over the remainder of this academic year.

Support and Intervention

Given the amount of learning time that has been disrupted by COVID-19, we are looking to seize every opportunity to support our students, ensuring that their remaining year with us is maximised. To accomplish this, subject specialists will be providing students with a host of bespoke and targeted intervention opportunities based on individual needs to support their progress to achieve strong academic outcomes.

It is important that students utilise these opportunities.

Before and After School Intervention

Commencing from Monday 21st June, a comprehensive before and after school additional intervention offer will be provided to target key skills and content. Morning sessions will start at 8.00am. Afternoon sessions will commence at the end of the academy day.

Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

Before School


Sport (E39)

Geography (E26, E28)

Art (A27, A32)

Graphics (A27, A32)

Sport (E39)

Health & Social Care (E39)

Spanish (E24, E25, E28)

After School

(End of Day)

English (E52)

Home-Learning Hub* (E48/49)

Science (A34, A35) Citizenship (A01. A10)

Home-Learning Hub* (E48/49)

Maths (E38, E42)

Sport (E39)

Home-Learning Hub* (E48/49)

History (A01. A10)

*Home Learning Hub is an opportunity to stay in school with subject specialists to complete home learning or revision

Remote Intervention

When students were required to work from home, we all adapted to accessing online resources and were able to use these to continue studying. We want to continue to utilise this as a provision to support the progress of our students. Using Class Charts, subject teachers will set bespoke interventions for targeted students based on individual need and target grade.

Interventions will be set weekly on Mondays commencing from 31st May. These interventions will be in addition to home learning set and target students will be rotated throughout the year.

Revision and Preparation Platforms

The platforms below can be utilised to consolidate learning and revise in preparation for future assessment.

Support Guide

Support Guide

Support Guide

Support Guide

Support Guide

Support Guide