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 Recognising our Teachers at Leeds East Academy 

Throughout the academic year, teachers are asked to nominate their colleagues to be featured on our 'Teacher Feature' page. At Leeds East Academy, we value each and every one of our teachers who work tirelessly to support our students, taking their learning to the next level. Read about what makes our teachers so special below:


#3 Mr Kaye

Mr Bullock and Ms Widnall, Acting Vice Principal and Assistant Principal, have nominated Mr Kaye as this week's 'Teacher Feature' because: 

Mr Kaye joined LEA in September in the History department and has worked tirelessly to forge positive relationships with our young people since he arrived.He always has a smile on his face and we are thrilled with the progress he is making with his classes. He commutes every day from Hull and is a super committed member of staff who wants the very best for his pupils.

Of his first 6 weeks at LEA, Mr Kaye says the following: ‘I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at Leeds East Academy so far. The students are fantastic and the staff are incredibly friendly and supportive.’

#2 Miss Holmes

Sarah Moss, Head of PE and Sport, has nominated Miss L Holmes as this week's 'Teacher Feature' because: 

 Lucy is a hard working member of the PE Department and plans her lessons meticulously so that all students in front of her make good progress. She is encouraging and nurturing to students who do not always find PE the easiest of subjects and gives them the confidence to try their best. Lucy is also a very supportive colleague who will help the department in any way she can and she is also really creative and shares her fabulous ideas with the team. Finally Lucy worked relentlessly with her Year 11 group last year, that she only picked up at the start of the year, and she ensured that they received some brilliant results! She is continuing this with Year 11 cohort this year, already planning some personalised interventions that are already having impact! 

#1 Miss Lala

Shery Milner, Acting Assistant Principal - Assessment & Intervention,  has nominated Miss Lala as the first 'Teacher Feature' of 2019/20 because: 

A smile like no other! Miranda’s passion for Mathematics alongside her warmth and care enables Miranda to quickly form positive and productive relationships with our pupils, both across the Academy and within the classroom.  Miranda is constantly looking for opportunities to engage our pupils in Mathematics, be it across the curriculum or on school trips, enabling our pupils to appreciate the subject outside of the classroom and possibly as the foundation of future career paths.  Alongside this, Miranda supports and mentors both beginner and newly qualified teachers very successfully, providing advice, guidance and lots of time.

I would like to congratulate Miranda and her 2019 year 11 leavers on their exceptional GCSE results. Every pupil in this class achieved on average 1 grade higher than their peers with the same KS2 scores nationally.  This is a fantastic achievement and was only possible through quality first teaching, high expectations, time, effort and a great partnership between the pupils and their teacher. 

Miranda’s hard work, commitment and dedication has led to her promotion to ‘Assistant Head of Mathematics’, where she will be able to have a greater impact across the department. I cannot wait to see her continue to develop and enrich our pupils in Mathematics. Thoroughly deserved! Thank you Miranda for the impact you have each day with our pupils.


#10 Philippa Lambert

Alicia Manners, Acting Assistant Principal, has nominated Philippa as this week's 'Teacher Feature' because: 

 Philippa is extremely enthusiastic and really cares about the pupils who are sat in front of her. She goes the extra mile to work on pupil’s self-esteem and confidence and will pick up the phone to discuss this with parents. Philippa also engages with pupils who may be absent and ensures no learning is lost. She is a credit to the English department and I really value her input to the PDBW team. Teacher support is important to us and a strong factor to pupil’s being successful! Go Philippa.

#9 Louise Wisson

Shery Milner, Head of Mathematics, has nominated Louise as this week's 'Teacher Feature' because: 

Louise’s constant energy engages both students and colleagues.  Louise is extremely passionate about teaching and learning which is evident when walking into her lessons.  She plans for the needs of each individual in her classroom to ensure that they make excellent progress.  Louise is reflective and resilient, and will always strive to develop her own practice and in turn the learning experience of her students.  This is not just confined to her own practice, with Louise constantly supporting colleagues within Maths, be it with teaching strategies, feeding back on new research or sharing resources. 

Louise’s commitment to Leeds East Academy is unwavering and she constantly goes above and beyond to ensure that students and colleagues fulfil their potential.  Louise has an additional role within school supporting trainee teachers and the continued professional development of all members of staff.  She motivates and inspires, which is fundamental to ensuring the students of Leeds East Academy continue to receive a first class education.

After joining LEA in September I have continually turned to Louise for information and advice and can-not thank her enough for all of her support.  We are so lucky to have you at LEA Miss Wisson, thank you for your constant hard work, dedication, passion and energy!

#9 Riffat Ahmed

Andreea Nan, Head of EAL, has nominated Riffat as this week's 'Teacher Feature' because: 

Mrs Ahmed is always going above and beyond to help these kids see their full potential. She is very creative in making sure that she is allowing each student to participate in lessons and it is clear that she really cares about these kids!

Mrs Ahmed practices positive reinforcement and also corrects students when needed. You never see her without a smile on her face, or attentively listening to what the kids have to say.

I can say I honestly feel she genuinely cares about each of her students. She has rules, but allows some flexibility to teach kids not to take her kindness as a weakness. I think this is a huge strength when it comes to the student/teacher relationship. Just like any other relationship, she builds trust with each one of her students.

#8 Jasmine Clarke

Louise Barton, Head of English, has nominated Jasmine as this week's 'Teacher Feature' because: 

Jasmine is truly one of the greats!  She embodies the department ethos of teamwork.  She is driven to reach perfection and she can always be relied upon for stepping up when the going gets tough.  Jasmine is determined to make all she does successful and her resilience shines through.  She loves a bit (a lot) of competition and as such has motivated the team further to succeed, be the best they can be both on a personal level and in the classroom.  

Jasmine’s role has further developed by the mentoring of other teachers and is giving her time freely to support others develop their practice in the classroom.  Jasmine is also tutoring students out of lessons to support progression in their learning and encouraging their personal ambition to succeed. 

Jasmine is a committed, valued member of the team, who often doesn't fully see her worth - I hope now she understands how amazing she is!

#7 Becky Cheetham 

Shery Milner, Head of Maths, has nominated Becky as this week's 'Teacher Feature' because: 

Positivity personified.

The relationships that Becky has built with students make it hard to believe that she started at Leeds East Academy just over a year ago.  This is testament to Becky’s commitment to spending her break and lunch time speaking with students and getting to know them personally.  She can often be found wandering corridors supporting our young people – when not teaching of course!  In the classroom this is continued, and her engaging personality captures students’ minds.  Becky’s classroom is a safe and happy environment where every student has the confidence to participate and aim for the stars – ‘mistakes are proof you are trying’.  I regularly go in for year 7 lessons for some light relief and to watch our young people thrive.

Becky is relentless with her high expectations and in turn our students rise to them.  This applies to her own practise – consistently having the highest expectations of herself, and being in her lesson or looking through her books and the work of her students is always a great pleasure, a reflection of her effort, hard work and diligence.

And back to the positivity… a constant ball of energy and warmth. A great support to students and colleagues. Thank you so much for your outstanding contribution to Leeds East Academy and for representing our core values all day every day.

#6 Mhairi Torr

Michelle Waite, Area Zone Leader - Active and Vocational, has nominated Mhairi as this week's 'Teacher Feature' because: 

Mhairi is highly regarded both by staff within the department and students too. Mhairi has recently worked extremely hard to produce a range of resources for a new circus project that her Year 10 GCSE art students are currently working on. Mhairi's lessons are always engaging, students enter the classroom excited to learn and her room is always vibrant and welcoming.

 #5 Kristina George

Louise Barton, Head of English, has nominated Kristina as this week's 'Teacher Feature' because: 

Kristina is not only a phenomenal teacher, but the care, attention and dedication she places in every student in her care is outstanding. Anyone visiting her classroom can testify to her love of the subject, from the "chains.. (Marley's Ghost) .. forged in life", to the candles to make it "enchanted like the night sky" from Harry Potter. Her energy and enthusiasm for all she does exudes to those around her and has a huge impact in our students' development.

Kristina loves to bring fun and the excitement of the world into her teaching and introduce students to the riches of our world and although only joining us since September she has made a huge impact on the students, the department and the school

#4 Kamil Gwozdz

Andreea Nan, Head of EAL, has nominated Kamil as this week's 'Teacher Feature' because: 

Kamil is always a committed teacher. He works hard to build strong relationships with our EAL learners. He is always going the extra mile by learning their native language in order to differentiate more effectively. Thank you Kamil.

#3 Natalie Watson

Shery Milner, Head of Maths, has nominated Natalie as this week's 'Teacher Feature' because: 

Natalie joined the Maths team in September and has already made a great impact on the progress and personal development of our students, and the department. Natalie has the highest expectations of herself and her students, and consistently teaches challenging lessons that deepens understanding and develops resilience, with a clear vision for every child to enjoy and succeed in Mathematics. Natalie continually strives to develop her practice and supports the practice of others to ensure that our students are receiving the best possible learning experiences.  She is currently mentoring one of our fantastic NQT’s in Maths and does this diligently.  Everything that Natalie does is to the highest standard, be it resources, feedback in books or in her role as a form tutor.  Natalie’s passion, dedication and organisational skills are exemplary and we are lucky to have her in the department – thank you Natalie for all your hard work and commitment!

#2 Mwape Katebe

 Danielle Ord, Head of Science, has nominated Mwape as this week's 'Teacher Feature' because: 

Mwape is an excellent teacher, supportive and dedicated colleague.  Mwape works tirelessly to ensure her lessons are perfect and books are marked thoroughly and allow her students to make excellent progress. Mwape has stepped up this year to co-ordinate our Physics team, ensuring that the Physics schemes of learning, lessons and resources are all planned and delivered to very high standards. Nothing is ever too much to ask, and I am grateful for her support and commitment to ensuring the Science department is successful. 

#1 Olivia Hunter-Robinson

 Louise Barton, Head of English, has nominated Olivia as this week's 'Teacher Feature' because: 

Olivia has shown absolute dedication to her classes, the department and the school. She is always willing to support colleagues, both as part of her role as NQT mentor and also as a buddy of other colleagues. Olivia shows ambition to succeed and works tirelessly to support our students in their academic and well being developments. Even after a long day in teaching, Olivia will also offer to improve the department further by taking on link roles to other departments. 

2017-18 Archive

#2- Amanda Smithson

Pascoe Gill, Head of Maths, has nominated Amanda Smiths as this week's 'Teacher Feature' because: 

"Amanda has worked tirelessly this year to develop her teaching practice. She stepped up from learning mentor to maths teacher in September, a steep learning curve, and yet she has made this transition appear seamless. Her work ethic is exemplary and she welcomes and acts on feedback expertly. I am thrilled that Amanda’s hard work this year has been rewarded as she has recently been accepted on to an assessment only route to qualify as a maths teacher. In her first observation, Amanda was ‘Outstanding’. Amanda is a caring and diligent teacher who has high expectations of her students. She utilises all available resources and CPD to her to ensure that she improves with pace, and for this she is a role model to our students and other colleagues within the team. Thank you for all of your hard work this year Amanda, you’re amazing!"

#1- Chelsea Wood 

Louise Barton, Head of English, has nominated Chelsea Wood as this week's 'Teacher Feature' because:

Chelsea is a unique teacher and with such a thoughtful and caring attitude towards others, that she is highly valued, by not only the department but the students too.  When support is needed, she will be one of the first to step up and offer her support.  When planning and creation of resources are needed, she will be there to lend a hand.  When something needs organising Chelsea is there to guide and lead on ideas.  Chelsea is one person in the department that makes the planned success a reality.