Leeds East Academy


Principal Employee of the Month

Principal Employee of the Month for October 2019. 

Congratulations to Miss Steel, Teacher of Maths, who is Sarah Carrie's Principal of Leeds East Academy, Employee of the Month for October 2019.

Sarah chose Miss Steel for this award as “Sarah works very hard with the local community and charities. She organising a lot of fundraising activities and coordinates such fantastic events that really embody our drive for an outstanding student experience at Leeds East Academy.

Thank you for all your hard work Sarah!"

Mrs S Milner, Assistant Principal and Head of Maths, commented "Miss Steel is an extremely committed colleague, who never stops trying to further enrich the experiences of our pupils at LEA, be it within the Mathematics classroom or around the Academy.  Miss Steel has organised a variety of events for pupils this term, from lip sync battles to mental health and well-being sessions, with everything in between.

"Miss Steel is working with a group of nine year 11 pupils to raise money to go to Kenya next year to build clean water wells.  She has also brought this theme back to within the Academy with her student parliament group leading the way in reducing plastic use and increasing recycling in school.  Alongside this, Miss Steel is a constant support to colleagues and pupils, always remaining positive and wanting pupils to achieve greatness.

Truly inspirational - thank you Miss Steel for your dedication and hard work!"