Leeds East Academy


'Prejudice and Discrimination' Conference

On Wednesday 25th September, Mr Akram (Teacher of History) had the pleasure to visit Solihull school in Birmingham and take part in a conference exhibition as part of his CPD. 

The exhibition focused on ‘Prejudice and Discrimination’ in the modern digital era, in schools and classes, with some astonishing guest speakers talking from their own personal experience.

Mr Akram commented, “It was an absolute honour to meet and speak with Eva Schloss the co-founder of the Anne Frank trust.  After 2 years of hiding from the Nazis, Eva and her mother were caught on her 15th birthday and sent to the Nazi concentration camps. Her father and brother did not survive, alongside her childhood friend Anne Frank.

Anne Frank’s father went on to marry Eva’s mother. Eva educated people across the world sharing her experiences; she was awarded an MBE for her services to education.”

Mr Akram also met Mindu Hornick who was another holocaust survivor, she was deported to the Auschwitz concentration camp at the age of 12 with her brother, mother and sister whom she never saw again. Mindu has since strived to educate young people on the holocaust.

Mr Akram is hoping that he will be able to invite some of these guests into Leeds East Academy so they can share their experiences to give our students a better insight into history.