Leeds East Academy


Work Experience

Paving Pathways to Employment

At Leeds East Academy we provide a vibrant work experience programme for all Year 10 students. This usually takes place in the final Half Term of the academic year and is comprised of two weeks of a full-time work experience placement.

Students work in a variety of sectors from catering to accounting. During their time, they will gain invaluable work experience and a taste of the world of regular employment. Students can also sample training opportunities and some maintain their contacts with these employers for job opportunities at a later stage.

Some of the best placements have been sourced by students themselves, however, we offer advice and guidance to assist them when approaching prospective employers for work experience and help them secure a placement.

We'll also focus on employability skills to help students move into a job after they have completed their education, through assemblies and coaching.

This opportunity to spend time training on the job and gain valuable work experience in a chosen sector enhances students Curriculum Vitae and helps to contextualise their academic studies in the Academy. We are supported through links with ‘Shine’ and ‘Ahead Partnerships’.

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