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In line with our Academy Vision of offering an all-round, broad and enriching curriculum, Leeds East Academy endeavours to provide a holistic and wide variety of extracurricular activities to broaden our pupils’ horizons even further. Our dedicated teachers and support staff understand that the opportunity to take part in extracurricular activities helps pupils develop invaluable skills and talents that are vital for personal develop and that colleges and employers look for Whether it’s within Soaring to Success, extra-curricular clubs, workshops, or trips, there are opportunities for all. 

Soaring To Success

Soaring to Success has been developed at Leeds East Academy to ensure that all pupils experience enrichment opportunities, receive further support in literacy and have access to targeted intervention in preparation for their GCSEs. 

For Key Stage 3 Soaring to Success consists of two strands. The first is centred around literacy which is key to their personal development and consequentially their achievements at GCSE.  Through the exploration of different texts and mythology pupils are supported in reading and comprehension.  During these sessions pupils also receive explicit teaching and guidance on how to debate and speak in public.  These are invaluable skills that pupils can then transfer to their other subjects across the curriculum. 

The second strand enables pupils to take part in different creative activities that they may not normally access outside of school thus promoting social equality and mobility.  In year 9 pupils have the opportunity to experience the different options that are available at key stage 4, enabling them to make more informed decisions about future study.  

In Key Stage 4 Soaring to Success is dedicated to targeted intervention, providing an additional two hours per week for pupils to receive personalised and targeted support delivered by subject specialists.  Using information on pupil progress and individual areas for development, pupils are carefully grouped, and specific sessions are planned by Curriculum Leaders to provide a quality provision to ensure that all pupils are confident in their learning.  

Year 7 Tuesday

To provide further experiences to pupils, specialists from Leeds City College come to Leeds East Academy on Tuesday afternoons to provide a rotation of activities for our year 7 pupils.  In order to benefit from the creative subjects offered by Leeds City College, year 7 will have an extended school day on a Tuesday, meaning that they will finish at 3.50pm. 

Upon successful completion of this programme with Leeds City College, pupils will have the opportunity to attend a formal graduation ceremony at the University of Leeds. 

After School Activities



A partnership for progress

The White Rose Academies Trust is proudly sponsored by The Leeds City College Group, who provide expertise, international networks and highly desirable employability prospects within education and beyond.

Our relationships enable our Academy and the wider Trust to determine its priorities for continuous and sustained improvement. Offering specialised support, in addition to subject specific advice and a range of CPD opportunities to all of our staff, we're working together to ensure our school is rated as Outstanding by 2020.

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