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Core Skills

 Subject Areas are split into three distinct areas to ensure quality of delivery and to help raise standards across the board. These are Core Skills (English, Maths and Science), Society and Cultures (all Humanities subjects, Languages, Health and Social Care, Psychology and Sociology) and Active and Vocational (PE, Performance Arts, Art and Technology). Below are the qualifications on offer in those areas.



English is a subject that all students need. In addition to the acquisition of vital literacy skills needed for the future, it is also a field that should be enjoyed.

The English curriculum focuses on teaching vital. skills in reading, writing and speaking/listening.  All students will find one area of English that they enjoy and excel at. It is our goal to ensure that this enthusiasm and confidence in that area is transferred into all aspects of the subject. 

It is key that all students develop skills across the three key areas of reading, writing and speaking/listening.  The KS3 scheme of work builds on these skills and includes regular assessment across all three areas.  In addition to a more engaging approach, we focus on independence and developing students to assess their own work, whilst building a sound knowledge to guide them to further progress.

Courses in English

GCSE   English Language  AQA
GCSE English Literature AQA

For further information on the curriculum offered please contact Mrs Bird (Area Team Leader for English). 

Term by term Schemes of Work

English Year 7 English Year 8 English Year 9 English Year 10 English Year 11 
Courses in Maths

Term by Term Schemes of Work

Maths Schemes Years 7-11
Courses in Maths
GCSE   Science Core  EDEXCEL/AQA
GCSE Science Additional  EDEXCEL/AQA

Term by Term Schemes of Work

Science Schemes Years 7-11