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Assessment and Reporting


Assessment underpins teaching and learning at Leeds East Academy.  Within the classroom teachers use diagnostic questions to systematically check pupil progress and adjust teaching accordingly.  This ensures that pupils are given the appropriate time and support required to master ambitious content and explore topics in depth.  

Iterative quizzes are used to retrieve knowledge to strength pupils’ long-term memory and create conditions for effective learning.  This enable teachers to identify misconceptions and provide targeted support promptly so that pupils can continue to build on their knowledge.  

For pupils to make strong progress it is essential that they understand the knowledge that they have retained, how they are performing currently and what they need to do to progress further.  

At three points during the year all pupils complete a formal assessment in each subject that they study to review all of the content that they have covered to that point.  These assessments, along with classwork, will then be used to provide progress information for each pupil.  We use this information to monitor progress against a pupil’s individual targets to identify strengths and the interventions required to ensure all pupils are successful.  This information is then reported home to parents and carers so that we can work in partnership to celebrate successes and improve outcomes for our pupils.   

Assessment techniques and processes are based on high quality research, training and quality assurance. 


Subject areas will use tracking databases to log all data collected from assessment throughout the year. 

Following internal data collection points, reports will be sent home to provide you with information on your child’s progress and how to develop knowledge in subject areas further.  

Key Stage 3 Reporting 

In Years 7, 8 and 9 pupil progress will be reported based on their acquisition of the knowledge and skills they have learnt.  

  • Emerging: Pupils are beginning to explore the assessed knowledge and skills, they are working towards the fundamentals of knowledge and skills  
  • Developing: Pupils are working towards mastering the assessed knowledge and skills, they have the fundamentals and are building on them  
  • Mastered: Pupils have mastered the assessed knowledge and skills,   
  • Exceeding: Pupils are have an in depth understanding of the assessed knowledge and skills  

Key Stage 4 Reporting 

In years 10 and 11 pupils will be tracked using the GCSE grading scale so that progress can be monitored against their target grade.   Each grade is divided into 3 subgrades to support closer tracking of progress. 


4+ Working at the top of a grade 4, the student has mastered the skills and knowledge associated with grade 4. 
4= Working in the middle of a grade 4, the student has secured the skills and knowledge associated with grade 4. 
4- Working at the bottom of a grade 4, the student is developing the skills and knowledge associated with grade 4. 


Targets and Flightpaths 

At the start of Year 7 all pupils complete CATs.  These assess pupils’ cognitive ability and outcomes are used to set aspirational targets.  From this information we create personalised progress flightpaths.  These enable us to check that pupils are on track to achieve their targets and implement intervention early to target gaps in understanding. 

Attitude to Learning

At each data collection point teachers will provide pupils with an ‘Attitude to Learning’ grade.   This is measured by a single value from 1 to 4 and encompasses classwork, homework, behaviour and attendance, using a best fit approach.  Where a pupil is awarded a grade 3 or 4, further information will be provided identifying the areas for development.  









Exemplary: fully prepared, punctual and committed and working to best of their ability in every lesson. Often volunteers constructive contributions in class. Takes lesson content further and shows initiative.  

Completes all homework on time, frequently producing work of exceptional and exemplary quality to maximum ability.     

Exemplary: fully focused, attentive and cooperative at all times, helping peers to learn. Takes an active and appropriate part in all class activities.    



Tries hard in the lesson. Contributes to class/group discussion. Follows instructions willingly and thoroughly. Always ready to learn, including having the correct equipment and arriving punctually.  

Completes homework on time to a good standard, appropriate to ability.  

Good levels of focus, attention and cooperation in class.   


Positive and helpful in lessons.  



Usually engages in the lesson but needs reminding to keep on task and rarely gives maximum effort. Usually willing and ready to learn but sometimes unprepared, e.g. forgetting equipment, arrives late.  

Occasionally completed but not always on time or to a good standard. Evidence of work being rushed, lacking development and not reaching the standard of which the pupil is capable.  

Usually acceptable but sometimes behaviour can be disruptive, making it harder for peers to learn.  



Makes little apparent effort and needs frequent reminders to stay on task. Often not willing or ready to learn, frequently forgetting equipment and arriving late to lesson.  

Homework rarely completed on time or to the standard of which the student is capable.  

Regularly displays disruptive behaviour which prevents other pupils to learn. Disrespectful towards other pupils and teacher.  



Attendance has a significant impact on pupil progress and therefore is reported with progress information.  Our Curriculum is carefully sequenced so that new learning builds on prior knowledge and understanding.  Where pupils have gaps in their attendance it makes it more difficult for them to connect new ideas Our GCSE outcomes have proven that pupils who have an attendance of 97% and above achieve on average half a grade higher in every subject than pupils nationally.  At Leeds East Academy we strive for attendance to be 97%+.  

 Exam Information

  • Subject 

    Exam Board 




    3 exam papers 

    English Language 


    2 exam papers 

    English Literature 


    2 exam papers 

    Science Combined 


    6 exam papers 



    2 exam papers 



    3 exam papers 



    4 exam papers 



    3 exam papers and a speaking exam 



    Coursework &10hour controlled assessment 


    Edexcel BTEC 

    2 controlled assessments & 1 exam paper 


    RSL Certificate 

    3 controlled assessments 

    Health & Social 

    Edexcel BTEC 

    2 controlled assessments & 1 exam paper 


    OCR Cambridge National BTEC 

    3 controlled assessments & 1 exam paper 

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