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Mrs Carrie corresponds directly with parents and carers to provide an overview of Leeds East Academy's programmes for progress, ensuring that every child is outstanding and reaching their full potential.

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 Principal's Updates 2019- 2020

Principal’s Update: Half Term Three 

"It is hard to believe that we are already half way through the third half term of 2019/20. I sincerely hope 2020 has started well for you and wish you and your family the best for this New Year. .."

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Principal's Updates 2018-2019

Principal’s Update: Easter 2019 

"It gives me great pleasure to welcome our students back into the Academy after what I hope has been a restful and enjoyable break for you and your families..."

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Principal’s Update: End of Half Term One

"Firstly, I would like to thank you for your support with ensuring that the academy uniform is worn with pride and reflects our high expectations as a school community..."

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Principal's Update End of Summer Term 2018

Principal’s Update: End of Summer Term 2018

"As we are approaching the end of this academic year, I wanted to take a moment to celebrate with you and share with you some of the year’s highlights and the fantastic feedback from visitors to the school..."

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Principal's Updates Archive 2017-2018

Principal’s Update 22: The New Leeds East Academy

"I hope you are all enjoying a relaxing summer holiday. At this point, I wanted to give you some insights into what I have been working towards, ahead of the arrival of your child back to school in September. At this very moment, Leeds East Academy is undergoing a vibrant transformation... "

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Principal's Updates Archive 2016-17 

Principal’s Update 21: OFSTED Inspection – Supporting our School Improvements

"As you will know, from Tuesday 23rd to Wednesday 24th May, Leeds East Academy was inspected by HM Office for Standards in Education. Following this inspection, I am pleased to note that Ofsted agreed with our own evaluation of the school in terms of areas of strength and areas for improvement... "

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Principal’s Update 20: OFSTED - Making our Way Forward

"This week we welcomed Her Majesty’s Ofsted Inspectors for a two-day assessment of the Academy. Ofsted is responsible for inspecting a range of educational institutions and provides an independent assessment of the quality and standards of teaching and learning... "

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Principal’s Update 19: Joining and Expanding the 95%

"The 95% is perhaps a blunt yet straightforward way of describing the majority of students at Leeds East Academy who come to school every day, on time, in the correct uniform, ready to learn whilst following our community rules and expectations. The 95% are model citizens and ambassadors for the Academy... "

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Principal’s Update 18: Excitement for the Future

"As you will be aware, since joining the Academy as Senior Vice Principal in September 2016, I have been highly focused on ensuring that the needs of all students at Leeds East Academy are met and that we provide nothing less than the absolute best for every student in our care.... "

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Principal’s Update 17: Always Improving the Learning Experience

"I am delighted to welcome back students and staff to the Academy as we head into a crucial Summer term for our school community, particularly Year 11 as they embark on their examinations. Throughout the Easter holidays, work has been continuing at the Academy and I have been driving forward improvements to our school building... "

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Principal’s Update 16: Expectations for Outstanding Conduct

"I wanted to start my letter this week by considering what it means to be a student at Leeds East Academy. Within our school we have a strong culture of support, care, pride and loyalty. When I talk to students throughout the day, they often tell me that they passionately care about our school and its reputation in the community... "

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Principal’s Update 15: Providing More Teachers Per Student

"Recruitment of the very highest quality teachers for your children has been a relentless focus of mine since becoming Principal at the start of this year. I am thrilled to report to you this week that our work in this area is now complete and we have now appointed 23 new teachers to the Academy for September... "

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Principal’s Update 14: Supporting Revision & Examinations

"Year 11 have been reflecting on their mock GCSE examinations; providing results which will allow us to assess our students' progress ahead of their final assessments in the summer. In support of Year 11's revision up to exams, we have now provided a handy reference guide... "

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Principal’s Update 13: Maintaining our routines and patterns for progress

"Attendance makes a huge difference to the academic success of students in school and ultimately, the future education and career prospects of students when they leave us at the end of Year 11. Fact: LEA students with 96%+ attendance achieve better than other students nationally at the end of Year 11..."

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Principal’s Update 12: Working Together to Fulfil Your Child’s Aspirations for Success

"At the end of an extremely busy Half Term, and my first Half Term as Principal, it is important to take stock of what we have achieved. Never being one to sit and wait, I have got straight to work on tackling anything within the Academy which would be considered to be less than excellent..."

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Principal's Update 11: The first choice of school for 90% -

"In school this week Year 11 have been completing their mock examinations in the main hall. Mock exams are designed to give students an experience of the real thing before exams begin in just twelve weeks’ time. To say that students coped well with the pressures of exams would be an understatement; our students have excelled themselves and early indications suggest that they have made huge amounts of progress..."

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Principal's Update 10: Expanding Provisions to Raise Potential 

"Leeds East Academy is now well and truly cemented as the first choice school in the area. We are pleased to be able to say that once again we will be oversubscribed in September 2017 for our new Year 7 students. With a full school, however, comes pressures which we have not yet had to tackle, but will certainly put our fantastic new building to the test.."

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Principal's Update 9: Maintaining Resilience in Attendance 

"I am pleased to inform parents that I have responded to parental feedback and sought to further enhance our ability to meet the welfare needs of every child. This week we have appointed a full time school nurse who will be based at Leeds East Academy every day of the week..."

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Principal's Update 8: A Visit from the Department for Education 

"This week has been a week of great achievement for both the students and staff of Leeds East Academy. Throughout the week, students have been demonstrating their commitment and determination to be successful in a number of different ways..."

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Principal's Update 7: Continuing School Improvement 

 "As I am sure you can imagine, I am absolutely delighted to have been entrusted with our school and the education and welfare of your children. It is, without doubt, the case that my job exists to ensure that your child has a successful and enjoyable school experience..."

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Principal's Update 6: Exceeding Targets at Christmas

"This term at Leeds East Academy has seen the school take a number of fantastic leaps forward; together in October we exceeded our attendance records and then beat them again in November. Attendance is a huge part of success in Education and I am enormously grateful..."

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Principal's Update 5: Maintaining Attendance in Winter

"Throughout the last few weeks I have been tracking the attendance of our students and comparing it carefully to the weather conditions. This might seem like a strange thing to do but the results of this analysis have been very concerning to me..."

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Principal's Update 4: Making Every Minute Count

"When I sit down to write this letter each week I am amazed that another week has flown by. We are now thirteen weeks into the school year, which is about a third of the way towards the summer. For Year 11, it means that we are now nearly half way towards sitting exams..."

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Principal's Update 3: Resilience & Respect

"This week at Leeds East Academy has been a challenging but resilient week for both staff and students. On Monday we introduced our new split break and split lunch, which is designed to reduce the number of students in the canteen at any one time. This new system..."

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Principal's Update 2: Positive Steps to Outstanding

"I would like to share the positive steps we are making to take Leeds East Academy forward. This week in school, I have been delivering assemblies to all students about both our journey to becoming an outstanding school and also our plans to improve how students interact..."

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Principal's Update 1: Programmes for Progress

"At the end of my first week in post as the Acting Principal at Leeds East Academy, I wanted to write to you to introduce myself and update you with some details of the work we have done so far this year to take things forward in school..."

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