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Student Leadership

Opportunities to Develop Leadership Skills

At Leeds East Academy we support our students to become leaders as it contributes to their positive development as people. It not only prepares them for the world of work but also supports students to become self-regulated in school.

Why Leeds East Academy Won 'School of the Year' at the UK Parliament Awards

Student Communications Team


LEA Life Spring Newspaper - #1


We are currently developing a student communications team where dedicated students will have an opportunity to develop a regular newspaper and "LEA TV" videos.

In the future, the students will have a chance to work with professionals from a local community radio statio and receive journalism and podcast training. 

Student Parliament

 The Student Parliament provides direct experience of the democratic process and is an opportunity for students to discuss issues that are important to them. It helps them to develop their confidence and communication skills through debating topics and making a positive impact on their community.

A member of the senior leadership meets on a regular basis with their Student Parliament group to discuss areas of development in their chosen area to ensure that student voice is being listened to and acted upon. 

The Student Parliament is split into four departments each made up of five students. Each department has their key areas of focus: 

  • Department of Health & Well-being - focuses on mental health, exercise, diet and exam stress (administered by Ms Clark)
  • Department of Environment & Community - focuses on sustainability, environment & community (administered by Ms Steel)
  • Department of Conduct & Rewards - focuses on behaviour for learning, anti-bullying, rewards and PB (administered by Mr Rawson)
  • Department of Student Experience - focuses on the learning experience as well as life within LEA (administered by Ms Capstick)



Department of Health & Well-being Department of Environment & Community Department of Conduct & Rewards Department of Student Experience

Our vision is to develop a school where students feel safe and happy enabling them to be successful and achieve their aspirations.  

The Health and Wellbeing Party will identify initiatives to support students to feel accepted and equal within the school community regardless of culture, ethnicity, gender, sexual preference, age or background. 

They will look to educate all stakeholders on the importance of achieving and maintaining positive mental and physical health. 

The Healthy and Wellbeing Party will be high profile within the academy obtaining student voice and being observant to ways to improve the safety of students and general overall happiness.  

Our ultimate goals is to make a difference, raise awareness of environmental change issues and create a cohesive community.


We want to make it cool to care about the planet by raising awareness of issues such as littering, sustainability and recycling as well as how to look after our oceans and forests.


Alongside delivering awareness days we also want to develop an eco-shop that promotes zero waste that sells affordable products so that we can all become responsible consumers as well as encouraging recycling in the academy.

To ensure that all students across the academy understand the behaviour and rewards policies and that they feel that their behaviour and positive contributions to lessons and the wider school community is fairly recognised and rewarded. 

Furthermore, ensuring positive relationships through restorative conversations making sure that all staff and students are working together so that LEA is a positive, safe and happy learning environment.

We want every student to have access to an exceptional education that:

  • challenges all; exposes them to wider experiences;
  • helps them gain knowledge of the world;
  • develops life skills and shapes them into future leaders.


The Department of Environment & Community have been recognized for the second year after winning Regional Champions for their project on plastic. They worked alongside the Enactus NextGen Leaders program where they developed a social issue within their community. They raised awareness of the dangers that single use plastic causes on the environment as well as combating loneliness within the elderly community. They are now developing their project further to make it more community driven and to change the habit of younger generations.

As part of their project, they met with local arts & crafts groups, delivered assemblies to local feeder primaries, worked alongside local businesses, and delivered an academy wide awareness campaign which saw the introduction of recycling. The project received a grant from the Queen Commonwealth Trust which meant they could develop a STEM project on Aquaponics as well purchasing recycling bins for across the academy. The team showcased their project at WE DAY 2020 where pupils appeared on Wembley Arena stage with the QCT to present their efforts to almost 13,000 people.

House System

Leeds East Academy is proud to work under the structure of a House System, which underpins all initiatives both in school and in the wider community.

The House System supports the work of the Student Parliament and compliments the initiatives that they drive forward. Each House Leader will work with student House Captains to organise charity events, assemblies and activities outside of the academy to promote our core values and their specific area of focus.

Leeds East Academy has four houses and each house is named after a constellation:






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