Leeds East Academy


Pascoe Gill

Assistant Principal (Core Subject Development & Maths)

Pascoe previously completed a Mathematics degree from Edinburgh University followed by a PGCE at Leeds University. In 2016 Pascoe completed her Masters in Education which she completed part time whilst teaching.

Pascoe Gill joined Leeds East Academy in 2016 as Area Team Leader in Mathematics after three successful years working at Leeds West Academy. During her time at Leeds West Academy, Pascoe was appointed as STEM coordinator, increasing the profile of STEM careers with young people. In addition to this, she coordinated Key Stage 5 Maths, leading to the best A-Level Maths results that Leeds West Academy had ever had. After success within these roles, she secured the position of Area Team Leader in Mathematics at Leeds East Academy.

Since beginning her role at Leeds East Academy in September 2016, Pascoe has made transformational improvements within Mathematics, which will lead to fantastic GCSE results in 2017.

Pascoe began her role as Assistant Principal of Mathematics and core subject development in June 2017. In this role she will continue to drive forward the rapid improvements that have been made in Maths and streamline the systems in all core subjects to ensure that students at Leeds East Academy have the highest quality education.