Leeds East Academy

How will my child’s learning needs be assessed and their progress monitored?


As part of the Assessment and Inclusion cycles pupils are set aspirational targets based on their starting points and previous knowledge of individual students. Every term the SENCO will analyse the SEN data to evaluate the progress those identified as having SEND are making. This will be reviewed and new targets set. You will receive 3 reports each year outlining their progress in relation to their targets.

You will be invited to the Meet the Coach day and to parent consultation meeting throughout the year. You can also request additional meetings with the SENCO and other professionals. If your child has an Education Health Care Plan, EHCP, there will be a yearly review meeting with all professionals involved invited to attend. If your child receives additional funding due to their SEN you will be invited to review this as part of the parent consultation meeting.

All students will be given the opportunity to attend reviews or make a written contribution to the review.


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