Leeds East Academy

Peer Mentoring Programme


At Leeds East Academy we are totally committed in supporting our students to achieve their full educational potential. The aim of the Year 7 ‘Next Steps Explore – Platinum 9 Curriculum’ is to ensure students demonstrate a thorough understanding of the content/skills required to achieve good GCSE outcomes when they reach Year 11. Early bespoke intervention will be key in ensuring the student is successful when it comes to taking their Year 11 exams.






















Peer Mentoring can provide growth and learning opportunities for both the mentors and their mentees, as well as providing support for students who need that extra bit of intervention to progress.

Why mentor:

Being a Mentor will improve communication, develop leadership and management qualities, reinforce study skills and subject knowledge, increase confidence and motivation, and engage in a volunteering opportunity that will be valued by employers.

Benefits of being mentored:

Some of the benefits of being a Mentee is the gaining of practical advice, encouragement and support, as well as learning from the experiences of others, increasing social and academic confidence, becoming empowered to make decisions and overcome challenges, and develop communication and study skills.

High expectations:

It is very important we work in partnership and students takes advantage of the opportunities we are providing as they are vital to prepare students with the necessary skills for future academic success. Student Mentees have been identified in Year 7 based on Primary school end of year tests. Our aim is to help the student move to Bronze by offering the Maths Peer Mentoring Programme as an extra intervention after school.

Resources will be provided for Mentors, the Mentee’s areas of need will be identified, and Mentors will only be working with 2 students at a time in 30 minute sessions once a week.

Application process:

Mentors will go through an application and interview process, as well as training on conduct and mentoring techniques. Furthermore, Mentors will liaise with staff regarding observations during their sessions and student progress will be monitored. Once a Mentee has reached their Intervention target, they will graduate from the Maths Peer Mentoring Programme and new students will be introduced in.