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Leeds East Transition - Open Evening 21st September from 6pm


Welcome to Transition and welcome to Leeds East Academy. The move from Year 6 to Year 7 represents an exciting time in every child’s school career and is full of opportunities.

The transition process is a key priority for us at Leeds East Academy. We know that a good start sets the tone for a successful Secondary School career, which is why we invest so much time, resource and planning into the process. By ensuring that Year 6 pupils are well prepared for that important step up, we are guaranteeing their progress and well-being over the next 5 years.


Helen McMillan
Assistant Principal - KS3 Achievement & Transition

Leeds East Transition - Open Evening 21st September from 6pm

We are very proud of our transition process here at Leeds East Academy, which has been praised by both Ofsted and local primary head teachers. We understand what a big decision parents are making when the time comes to choose a high school and our aim is to ensure that our new Year 7 pupils are secondary school ready. To do this we work closely with our feeder primary schools and have a range of activities and events that run throughout the academic year. Please take a moment to find out more.

  • Open evening (September 21st at 6.00) - an opportunity for Year 5 and 6 students to come to the academy with their parents and carers, tour the school, experience learning within different subjects, meet the staff and find out more about us
  • Transition Evening – as soon as places have been offered in March this a chance for us to start working with our new pupils and families and alleviate any initial queries or concerns.
  • As soon as we know which pupils are coming to us we start to liaise with primary feeder schools, ensuring that EVERY pupil is visited in their school. We run a series of taster lessons that our primary schools have fully engaged with and given us positive feedback on such as ‘all the staff we met were amazing and made a huge effort to talk to our pupils and use their names, which gave them a sense of belonging already’
  • Induction day and evening – In July pupils spend a whole day with us and the new year 7 cohort. They experience a range of lessons and our lunchtime. In the evening meeting, with their parents, they meet their coach and new coaching group, have a chance to order uniform and allay any final queries or concerns
  •  Summer school - a free week of events held in school in the Summer holidays run by our staff which aims to further develop literacy and numeracy, get pupils used to our academy routines and help them make new friends. We always have fantastic feedback about this bespoke summer school for year 6 students moving into year 7
  • Throughout the year we invite a range of primary schools to take part in a variety of events at Leeds East Academy such as mini Olympics, science day, the Christmas show and the world of work.

We encourage year 5 and 6 parents to visit our academy during a school day. This allows you an opportunity to see us in action and gives an insight to our fantastic learning environment.

We would be delighted to hear from you and see you. For further information, please contact Leeds East Academy on 0113 2731964 and ask for Helen McMillan or our Year 7 school manager, Alicia Manners.



Parent Voice and Student Voice

It's important that we listen to both our parents and carers and with that in mind, each year we ask various questions to help guide and inform our actions.

Here are a few examples of the kind of feedback we have received from pupils and parents.

97.6% of parents said their child had enjoyed the last school term!

90.3% of parents thought behaviour was improved around the Academy!

95.1% of parents believed their child behaved well in lessons!

And our pupils said

"Teachers are kind and take care of me"

"I like learning new things and taking part in good lessons"

"I've met lots of new friends and I like the teachers because they are kind and polite"


Key Documents

Year 6 Transition - Our Expectations for Attendance - Summer 2017