Leeds East Academy

Behaviour and Safety

At Leeds East Academy we believe that behaviour and safety are two of the most important aspects of student learning.

Recently we undertook feedback surveys to from staff, parents and students to gauge the impact of PD. The feedback has been incredibleOn this page you will find links to the frameworks underwhich we promote these aspects of day to day student life around the Academy.

What Parents said :

  • 98% agreed/strongly agreed that the academy keeps their child safe.
  • 99% agreed or strongly agreed that behaviour has improved at the academy

  • 100% agreed/strongly agreed that the academy sets high standards for behaviour.

  • 99.3% agreed/strongly agreed that teaching has been better this year.

  • 100% strongly agreed/agreed that PD has had a positive impact on behaviour.

  • 97% also agreed/strongly agreed they are happy with their child’s experience at Leeds East Academy


What Students Said :


  • 96.6% agreed/strongly agreed that PD has helped improve behaviour in lessons.

  • 96.3% agreed/strongly agreed their own behaviour has improved this year.

  • 96.5% agreed/strongly agreed that behaviour around the academy has improved.

  • 99.59% agreed/strongly agreed that they are clear about their progress and what they need to do to get better.

  • 95.14% agreed/strongly agreed that teachers always challenge low level disruption.

  • 98.75% agreed/strongly agreed that teachers reward our good behaviour.


What Teachers Said :


  • 82% strongly agree/agree that low level disruption is rare in my lessons.

  • 98% strongly agree/agree that PD has had a positive impact on my teaching.

  • 96% strongly agree/agree that the school leadership team are pro-active in dealing with behaviour across the Academy.

  • 98% strongly agree/agree that PD has been a success.

  •  98% strongly agree/agree that the school is moving in the right direction.



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