Leeds East Academy


Our New Staff

A new generation of teachers for the next generation of Leeds

As part of our vision to become an outstanding school by 2020, Leeds East Academy has undertaken a huge recruitment drive to ensure that the highest calibre of education professionals will be teaching our young people. 

Ms Carrie, Vice Principal for Raising Standards, said: "High-quality teaching and learning is our absolute obsession at Leeds East Academy, as we know about the positive impact a good teacher can have on a child's future. This is why we are absolutely thrilled to welcome 37 new colleagues to our already highly-talented teaching team. We have been very impressed with the professionalism and passion our new colleagues have demonstrated in the classroom and have absolute confidence that our teachers will secure excellent progress for each and every student in our Academy. "

Principal Mr Stokes adds: "Our record-size classes and investment in people will ensure that every child at Leeds East Academy receives the most extensive teaching and learning experience in the region. All of Leeds East Academy's new colleagues have made an excellent start to the year and we look forward to working together to secure the best possible future our young people."

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