Leeds East Academy


Our Journey to Outstanding

Leeds East Academy has begun a journey which will see it rated as 'outstanding' within three years. Here you can discover how we're working together as a school community to achieve a new standard of excellence in everything we do.

What's Different at Leeds East Academy This Year

Students have been embracing progressive changes in their learning and wider school experience. Hear what they have to say in this short video:

LEA Progress Analysis Data Collection 2 - May 2017

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LEA Progress Analysis Data Collection 2 – May 2017

Academy Development & Improvement Plan   

Click to view or download documents which detail our goals and methods for continuous improvement: 

Delivering Rapid Improvement - Term 1 Review
Delivering Rapid Improvement - Term 2 Review
Academy Self Evaluation Document (2016) 
Journey to Outstanding - Presentation


Teaching & Learning

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Teaching & Learning Strategy Dashboard 
Teaching & Learning Trust Leadership Impact Presentation
Wider Leadership Raising Attainment Training Presentation



Our New Staff


This year, Leeds East Academy is greatly expanding its family of education professionals. We're welcoming outstanding new teachers, in addition to subject specialists and experienced leaders with a record of transformation in education. 



Leeds East Academy's attendance in the academic year 2015-16 was significantly below the national average. A range of strategies have now been put in place to address this and the Academy has now increased attendance by 3.3% on the same point last year.

A new 5-staged policy based on a traffic light system is in place to target students below 96% and those in danger of becoming persistently absent. This ensures effective targeting for incentives coupled with an assertive mentoring programme with the students’ coach. To target difficult-to-reach families, a door knock rota is in place for home visits which allows staff to explain and educate families on the importance of attendance; this has contributed to the 3.3% increase overall and a reduction of 45% in PA - persistent absence.

The introduction of Lego Therapy and other interventions such as Boxing Therapy and Construction has also addressed the needs of students with Social, Emotional and Mental Health. This wider support has contributed to the reduction of exclusions, which has also had positive impact on attendance.

For more details about Leeds East Academy's Attendance team click here.


Principal's Updates to Parents / Carers

  Mrs Carries' weekly communication with Parents/Carers outlining programmes for progress
through printed letters, PDF downloads & web features.


The 7 LEA Core Values

The 7 LEA Core Values underpin our day-to-day actions and aspirations for excellence as a school community:

Excellence – we aim to deliver the very best in everything we do, every day.
Punctuality – we have excellent attendance and arrive on time, in the correct uniform and ready to learn every day.
Ambition – we are hardworking and ambitious for ourselves and other in our community.
Confidence – we believe in ourselves and know our strengths.
Resilience – we know that failure is not a sign of weakness and success is found in learning from our mistakes.
Positivity – we are positive thinkers and encourage each other to be the best that we can be.
Respect – we are well behaved and value the opinions of others. We are considerate to all within our learning community.