Leeds East Academy

You Said, We Did

Student Voice - Driving Forward School Improvements

Leeds East Academy is responding to the needs of students and families every term, making improvements which are suggested by our young people and wider community.

Here are just some of things that you said and we did:

You Said

We Did

You said that your emotional health is important and sometimes you need help then and there.

We arrange for The Beck, our Teenage and Adolescent Mental Health Service to provide a drop-in session in school each day.

You said that the stairs at lesson changeover were too busy and frightening for younger students.

We introduced a one-way system on the staircases.

You said you wanted to be able to come into the school via the side gate to save time in the morning.

We opened the side gate and added a member of staff there on duty.

You raised concerns regarding the number of supply staff in school teaching your lessons.

We appointed 37 new teachers for the school, meaning that we are now overstaffed and can easy cover staff absence.

You said you needed more support in English and Maths.

We increased the number of hours you have in core subjects and introduced Study + sessions at KS4 to support you in your learning.

You said you wanted to be seen as different to the rest of the school in Year 11.

We introduced a new uniform for Year 11 students from September 17.

You said that the canteen at lunchtime was too busy and students did not have enough time to eat their lunch.

Introduced a split lunch so students could get served more quickly and extended the size of the canteen.

You said students who were new to the school and spoke English as a second language needed extra support around the Academy.

Introduced a detailed induction programme and appointed 20 language leaders to support EAL students.

You said open areas should not be used for coaching.

We moved all coaching groups into classrooms.

Class sizes are too big

We reduced class sizes to an average of 17

You said we cannot do PE if we forget our PE kit.

PE department purchased additional PE kit for all students to borrow if needed. 

You said you wanted the learning environment to improve.

We have ordered new 85’’ SMART TVs for every classroom.

You said you wanted to have access to technology that other schools have.

We have launched an IPad programme that will see all students with an IPad in the next two years.


Do you have ideas on how we can improve your school? Speak to your student council.