Leeds East Academy


Aiming for World Class Pastoral Care

Working together to achieve potential 

Mr Reynolds shares how at Leeds East Academy, we feel that in order for our students to achieve their potential they must be supported by world class pastoral care. He writes: 

Over recent years, we have developed our pastoral team to provide our students with all the support that they require in order to be successful. This has contributed to the Academy’s outcomes which has meant that Leeds East Academy is now in the top 25% of schools nationally and is the most improved school in Yorkshire. 

Our pastoral care starts before our students have even stepped foot in our Academy. Members of our pastoral team work closely with our feeder primary schools ensuring that students within these primary schools can begin to develop relationships with our team before they have started their education at Leeds East Academy. This involves a variety of visits during school time. This is important to us as we need to begin building relationships with our students to ensure that by the time our young people arrive at secondary school, they are comfortable and confident with our staff.

Leeds East Academy staff also attend primary parent’s evenings. This is crucial in developing relationships not only with our future students, but parents too. This provides an opportunity for parents and students to speak with staff and ask any questions they may have. Moving to high school can be a daunting experience for both parents and children, we aim to make this process an enjoyable experience and we support all involved along the way.

By the time your child enters Leeds East Academy on their first day, we will already know a lot about them. This is due to us ensuring that every child is visited by a member of staff once they have been allocated a place at our academy. We also meet your child’s current teaching staff to ensure that we have a good understanding of them and their needs.

Leeds East Academy hosts a number of transition events at the academy which gives parents and students the opportunity to visit the school and meet their form tutor and year manager; each student within the academy is allocated a form tutor and a year manager. These staff are pivotal in the pastoral care of all students.

The form tutor will see their students every morning. This provides an opportunity for the form tutor to check that their students are ready of the day and have all of their equipment. The form tutor will also use this time to discuss with students how their previous day was and check their planner to see the praise stamps and comments section.

The year manager is an extremely important member of staff for students at Leeds East Academy. These members of staff are non-teaching staff who dedicate their time to the pastoral needs of the students in their year group. This includes daily meetings with students, lesson drop-ins and meetings/phone calls with parents. The year managers are always available for the students in their year groups and pride themselves on having strong relationships with their students. The year managers will track the behaviour and progress of their students through a variety of methods and ensure that this is communicated with parents.

Home and academy communication is an integral part of Leeds East Academy’s pastoral care. All students are issued with a planner which parents, form tutors and year managers will see on a day to day basis. Parents can see how their child is progressing through the use of the planner. Form tutors will also use this and then communicate with parents on progress, behaviour and attendance.

Our pastoral care has had a significant impact in ensuring that students from Leeds East Academy are ready to be successful and enter the next stages of their lives.