Leeds East Academy


World Book Day Activities 2018

LEA becomes The Hunger Games

On World Book Day (that was postponed for two weeks due to the snow), Leeds East Academy became The Hunger Games’ country Panem; the school was divided into 13 Districts with the Senior Leadership Team’s Offices being the Capitol.

Staff were dressed as characters from ‘The Hunger Games’ books written by Suzanne Collins, which was both an amusing and unsettling sight! Each department delivered Hunger Games themed lessons and pupils engaged well with the lessons with great vigour.

During tutor time, pupils were asked to volunteer as ‘Tributes’ after completing a Hunger Games task. Most of the tutor groups provided a Tribute to go through to the Reaping that was to occur later in the day. During the day, pupils were asked to seek the Mockingjay clues that were around the school, answer the questions and to solve the acronym problem.  

As the day progressed towards the Reaping, the Tributes delivered Care Packages and challenges by the Game Makers during their lessons.

After school, the Tributes went to the Reaping which was supported by other pupils. After two rounds, the 27 Tributes were reaped down to 2 with the ingenious use of Beanboozles (good and bad tasting jelly beans), targets and questions. In the third and final reap, two Tributes went head-to-head in a quickfire speed with the Victor, Harry, being awarded The Hunger Games book as his prize.  

Ms Steel said: “Once again, the pupils were superb and entered into the spirit of the day. A massive thanks to everyone, both staff and pupils, who made the day a fantastic success.”