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Work of the Week

Food for Thought

Every day we create incredible work across the Academy in each and every subject. This week we focus on a superb example from Cherise in Food Technology.

Students in Food Technology have been studying healthy eating and learning basic skills in the kitchen. They have managed this by producing meals that are for specific diets such as vegetarians and sports diets.

Ms Torr said: "Cherise consistently produces meals that follow these diets but they also appear colourful and appetising to eat. Her Chicken en Papilotte is a fabulous example as it shows how she has developed her food preparation skills."

Mr Stokes adds: "Well done for maintaining an excellent standard of work in Food Technology, Cherise. You clearly have a natural talent in this area which you should continue to develop and expand upon. Outstanding work!"

Outstanding homework also qualifies for Work of the Week. Will you be featured next?