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Work of the Week

Food for Thought

Every day we create incredible work across the Academy in each and every subject. This week we focus on a superb example of Mathematics.

Leah is part of a very motivated and hard working class and her end of year target is grade 3 for Mathematics. The class is currently learning about bounds: a difficult topic that is explored all the way up to grade 5. Leah has shown how confident she is at rounding decimals to a given number of decimal places and significant figures, clearly demonstrating an understanding of bounds.

Teacher of Mathematics, Mrs d'Avoine, said: “Ever since I have started teaching Leah, she has worked hard and shown true ambition. Her willingness to ‘have a go’ and tackle tricky problems is an inspiration to other pupils in the class. Leah’s work is also beautifully presented in her book. I was particularly impressed with her ability to calculate volume of triangular prisms at grade 4.”

Mr Stokes adds: "Outstanding progress in Mathematics, Leah. Putting maximum effort in at this stage will reward you greatly when it comes to sitting your examinations. There's no going back from progress; every step is a step forward. Keep driving forward this excellent standard and pride in presentation."

Outstanding homework also qualifies for Work of the Week. Will you be featured next?