Leeds East Academy

Work of the Week

SMART Objectives in action

Every day we create incredible work across the Academy in each and every subject. This week we focus on a superb example from Charlie in Year 9 for Business.

In Business, students have been working on an analysis of how a business sets SMART Objectives. As a topic, this is quite a hard piece of understanding to grasp, however, Charlie excelled in this task.

Mr Hart said: "Not only did Charlie produce an outstanding piece of work where she analysed in depth how a business would use SMART objectives, but she also linked her own SMART objective to a business of choice."

Mr Stokes adds: "Excellent work Charlie. I am very impressed with how you have focused on the specific objectives with achievable and measurable results. A solid understanding of SMART objectives can be useful in all of your subjects, so be sure to build on these skills to secure outstanding results across the board. Well done." 

Outstanding homework also qualifies for Work of the Week. Will you be featured next?