Leeds East Academy


Visit to Printworks at Leeds City College

Engineering skills put into action 

On Friday 15th June, six students from Leeds East Academy visited the Printworks at Leeds City College to learn about and put their skills in mechanics into action.

The students were given a tour of the campus and offered the chance to ask questions about what a course and future career in engineering would be like.

Students then dressed themselves in overalls and work boots before they changed tyres on a car, worked individually, and asked questions about the process to the instructor throughout.

Miss Manners said: “The students conducted themselves like very mature young men. I was extremely proud of them and have every confidence that they can pursue a career in engineering.”

Students said: "Loved it", "This is definitely what I want to do when I leave school" and “Can we come back again?"

Leeds City College added: “The boys were a pleasure to work with and will do well on a course like this."