Leeds East Academy


The Vultures Song at ChapelFM

Effective storytelling in creative drama piece 

Performing Arts students from across Years 8 to 10 at Leeds East Academy enjoyed a performance by Theatre Company Blah Blah Blah of their latest work 'The Vultures Song.'

Kindly hosted by our Seacroft neighbours at Chapel FM, our students experienced highly imaginative and effective storytelling of one girl's journey across India in the time of Partition.

The performance was narrated by a band of vultures, observing the mistakes that humans have made throughout history.

Mrs Spencer-Matthews said: 'This is an outstanding example of devised theatre. Our students have engaged with a challenging story, brought to life through innovative stagecraft and exceptional performance skills. Definitely fodder for their own work.” 

Year 10 student Chamequa agreed: “I have so many ideas about how to develop my own work now.”

We are delighted that our partnership with Chapel FM links our students up with such a wealth of cultural events.