Leeds East Academy


The Smashed Project: Alcohol Awareness

Learning the consequences of underage drinking

On 20th February, Year 7 and 8 students at Leeds East Academy took part in The Smashed Project, which is an initiative dedicated to breaking the culture of underage drinking around the world.

Through creative education, young people are equipped with the information, awareness, and confidence to make responsible choices around alcohol.

Pupils gathered in the hall to watch a performance about the lives of three teenagers, whose friendships, career and health had devastating consequences due to their misuse of alcohol.

The actors then led an answer and question session, which involved the students discussing key issues for underage drinking such as peer pressure. They also watched some moments in the performance again and explained how the characters to handle the situation differently to avoid any mishaps.

Miss Bean said: "Students were engaged throughout the performance and the workshop. There was a real buzz around the hall. Students learnt about the effects that underage drinking can have and discussed ways in which they can combat this. It was fantastic to see all students involved." 

A Year 7 student commented on how they thoroughly enjoyed the performance and it was very eye-opening to see the negative effects of alcohol.