Leeds East Academy


The Impact of Positive Behaviour

Supporting a Progressive Attitude to Conduct

At Leeds East Academy we insist on the highest standards of behaviour and believe in an ethos of respect, ambition and resilience. With the Academy embarking on an exciting journey to outstanding, we have revised and updated our Positive Discipline Policy by developing a new approach to encouraging exceptional behaviour called Positive Behaviour.

The key intention of the PB policy is to shift the onus on teaching staff to build mutually respectful relationships with students, with the key intention of delivering highly engaging and motivational lessons and less focus on compliance. 


PB was implemented in September 2017 and we are already seeing another transformational change taking place with behaviour and the climate for learning in the Academy; seclusion referrals have reduced by 43% with no single student receiving 10 behaviour comments, which has never happened before. There has been an 89% reduction in behaviour comments issued and the Academy has not had to fix term exclude anyone this academic year, which is a 100% reduction compared to the same period last year. 


Ms Batty believes: “PB has removed the confrontational aspect of behaviour management. The rules are still very clear as it provides a clear framework for students to operate in and allows a much better relationship to develop between the student and teacher. Students respect the fact that they have been given a reminder and then a warning. It enables them to make the right choices before things have to be documented in planners. Lessons are much calmer, because of this”.


Dylan who received 18 referrals to isolation last year believes: “The new behaviour policy has helped me improve my behaviour as the teachers are interacting more, and I feel this has helped me build good relationships with them, which means I am not getting into trouble anymore. I have not had a Formal Sanction and I have not been sent to seclusion so far”.

Ms Cook said: “I have found the policy change of PD to PB to be very successful with groups I teach. Before I found that the direct nature of S1, S2, S3 meant that students didn't always have a chance to settle into the class with a gentle prompt, especially for low-level learners or students who were regularly absent from lessons due to behavioural issues. The new PB policy is worded in such a way that it is student friendly and I have found that my students have amended their behaviour quickly, with little question, in a positive manner. After speaking to some of my Year 11 cohort, it was noted that they felt that there is a more motivational tone to lessons and they found the new policy more encouraging."

PB has enabled students to develop a highly positive approach to their learning and since the introduction in September, students have displayed extremely high levels of engagement in lessons. This focus on relationships has also led exceptionally high levels of co-operation and collaboration creating a purposeful learning environment in every lesson.