Leeds East Academy


Student of the Week

Developing Confidence and Pride in Learning

Each week, Leeds East Academy celebrates progress and achievement in our regular Student of the Week feature.

This week, we are delighted to honour the progress made to one of our younger students who is just beginning their learning journey with us this year. 

Mr Rowell-Burton said: "When we look at Keyan's transition from Primary School to Leeds East Academy, we can see a radical change in his personal confidence and pride. The number of personal improvements he has made, week on week, are quite remarkable. Keyan now works with Academy staff on a daily basis and encourages other students in their learning within lessons. Keyan has come to our school and reinvented himself and used Leeds East Academy as a fresh start and a launchpad to success. We're incredibly proud of how far he has come in such a short time, and how he's progressing in all of his lessons."

Mr Stokes adds: "I am delighted to hear of your outstanding progress, Keyan. The manner in which you have established a positive mindset to your learning and conduct is exemplary and of great pride to our school community. Please continue to maintain this excellent standard you have set for yourself and continue to encourage such aspiration in others; it will put you in a position of great strength in the future. Well done."

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