Leeds East Academy


STEM Club launches at LEA

Combining science with photography for new competition  

Students in Year 7-9 at Leeds East Academy enjoyed the launch of the school’s STEM club (science, technology, engineering and maths), which started last Thursday.

The group met with the Academy’s Chair of Governors Prof. Darren Shickle, who introduced the team’s first project surrounding on public health.

The STEM team have been asked to design a photography competition which looks at what public health means to them. They will then present their ideas to their peers during tutor time to kick start the competition. 

Students are really looking forward to investigating projects such as building rockets, programming robots and the ways we can help sanitise water to make it drinkable.

Ms Steel said: “The members of the STEM team are really keen to develop their knowledge through participating in the different technological and mechanical projects with the hope of entering national competitions.”

If you are interested in joining STEM club, please come along to A34 after school every Thursday.