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Revision is the key to exam victory

Unlocking potential with preparation  

With Year 11 GCSE exams well underway and the finish line is finally in sight for Leeds East Academy, Miss Gill writes about the importance of revision and how students manage their time. She shares:

Students have had a hugely positive start to their exam season showing their resilience and determination to succeed to ensure that their hard work pays off with exceptional GCSE exam results in the summer. Our students are continuing to engage with the various different revision sessions that are available to take full advantage of the high quality offer that Leeds East Academy provide.

During the last half term break, teachers for all Year 11 subjects volunteered their time to offer revision sessions. Not only had attendance to these holiday sessions improved compared with the October half term sessions, students attitudes to learning improved noticeably also.

It was clear that our students wanted to use every opportunity available to them to make progress in their subjects. In this final dash to the finish line, we are offering May half term revision sessions to ensure that Year 11 students continue to revise at this crucial time ahead of their final exams.

A bespoke revision timetable has been put into place for Year 11 students so that lessons match up with upcoming exams. Students have been very positive about the impact this has had on their revision by recognising they need to be in charge of their own time management and ensure they are revising for their exams in an appropriate order so that they peak at the opportune moment in each subject area. Year 11 students have been praised by their teachers for their cooperation with these changes that have ensured the transition to the revision timetables has been seamless.

The maturity and focus of our Year 11 students has never been more evident. Students understand why revision is in place and are getting to their sessions on time and working productively for the full session. They are superb!

At Leeds East Academy we believe that students remaining in lessons and revision sessions right up until the final moment are crucial so that students do not lose momentum with their revision. For this reason, students are on full timetables, normal school days until 13th June.

The hard work has taken place over the last five years of the students’ education. The time to show what they can do is now. I am excited to see our students finish their time at Leeds East Academy, soaring to success!