Leeds East Academy


Recipe for outstanding CPD

Teachers work together in engaging training 

Our Newly Qualified Teachers enjoyed a bun-decorating workshop led by Teaching and Learning Leader Debby Callaghan, as part of Leeds East Academy’s exceptional approach towards CPD.

We are thrilled to be able to call upon our outstanding practitioners to help drive forward whole school and individual CPD. As a result of this, our highly responsive CPD schedule is often led by these colleagues and as we reach end of Half Term 5 of the academic year, we reflect on the quality training sessions and workshops which have taken place in the last 6 weeks.

As well as the bun-decorating workshops, our EAL team and Lead Practitioner for Teaching and Learning, Louise Wisson, led an extremely well-received session around EAL strategies.

Andreea Nan showed us all how unnerving it can be to be a New to English EAL learner, and very effectively modelled and shared a number of practical techniques to ensure we are well-equipped to deliver high quality support in regards to this area of Teaching and Learning and left with the importance of such structure refreshed in our minds.

Many staff commented as to how useful it was and Miss Widnall noted that, "this session could not have been better timed as we embrace and celebrate the diversity within school."

The Half Term 6 CPD offer will be shared with staff shortly and this will encompass further expertise from excellent facilitators of Red Zone and Iterative Testing and of course our updated Teaching & Learning Priorities will be communicated out.

Thank you to everyone who has led or assisted with the many, many CPD opportunities which have taken place so far; well done for opting-in have you have done so, and we are all looking forward to continuing to develop and refine our practice during the sessions offered in the last half term of the year.