Leeds East Academy


Promoting High Quality Literacy

Whole school approach to literacy. 

This half term we are aiming to really drive forward our Literacy Strategy within Leeds East Academy. Our English team will see us taking a whole school approach to the explicit teaching of literacy in lessons and ensuring that our feedback in books addresses common misconceptions, which is then acted on accordingly by each student.

Form tutors will play an integral role in ensuring our students know key terms and uses of grammatical structures and we hope to see a real elevation in the quality of literacy across the curriculum.

Ms Widnall said: “Miss Hartley’s ‘Grow a Love for Reading’ display is looking beautiful and we clearly have some keen bookworms in the Academy, so now it is time to really drive things forward. We look forward to learning about Formality Scales and Writing Styles in the coming weeks and seeing the impact in our students’ works.”