Leeds East Academy


Principal's Update

Expanding our provisions to raise potential

Dear Parents / Carers,

As you will no doubt be aware, Leeds East Academy is now well and truly cemented as the first choice school in the area. We are pleased to be able to say that once again we will be oversubscribed in September 2017 for our new Year 7 students. With a full school, however, comes pressures which we have not yet had to tackle, but will certainly put our fantastic new building to the test.

To ensure that we are prepared for September, this week I have agreed plans to create six new classrooms, significantly extend the canteen and also build a new purpose built isolation unit that will have its own separate entrance within the school. The creation of these additional learning spaces will again allow us to follow through on our plans to reduce class sizes and improve the personalisation of learning that takes place in school.

Continuing with this positive theme, as you would expect, during the school week I have been dropping into lots of lessons to observe the learning taking place in the Academy. I cannot stress how proud I feel when I walk into a classroom and see students truly living up to the very high expectations that we have put in place for them. Students at Leeds East Academy are absolutely determined to achieve their full potential and I am thrilled to see them working so hard and demonstrating a total commitment to their studies.

Of course every now and then, it is essential that we break away from the norm and give students a different experience in school. Today we ran our much-loved CT day which gives students the opportunity to learn about a variety of things that don’t form part of the normal everyday curriculum. CT day is very much designed to develop students as an individual and ensure that they are prepared for life beyond the school gates. Throughout the day we have had a number of guest speakers in school who have inspired students to believe in their potential and be successful in whatever they want to achieve. Alongside this, students have been engaged in a number of different workshops and educational experiences which are aimed to educate, build confidence and engage students in our culture.

Please take a look throughout our website next week for photos and news stories about the day.

Yours faithfully,


Chris Stokes



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