Leeds East Academy


Principal's Update

Expectations for Outstanding Conduct

I wanted to start my letter this week by considering what it means to be a student at Leeds East Academy. Within our school we have a strong culture of support, care, pride and loyalty. When I talk to students throughout the day, they often tell me that they passionately care about our school and its reputation in the community. Students do, however, express to me the frustration they feel when persons do not speak positively about our Academy or when another student conducts themselves in a manner that makes others think badly of our school. I share this view and have taken the time this week to speak with members of the community, including shop owners, the general public and parents of children from other schools. I wanted to hear first-hand what people thought of us.

What is apparent is that the view within the community is much the same as that of our own students; they want to see Leeds East Academy become a success and feel strongly that the achievements of our school will, in turn, reflect upon the community as a whole. It has, however, been disappointing to hear that some of the people I have spoken to this week have, on a small number of occasions, had a negative experience with a student from our school. This very small minority who make poor decisions whilst wearing our Academy uniform have unfortunately brought our school into disrepute and this is something that I absolutely will not tolerate under any circumstances.

During coaching next week, we will be discussing as a school what it means to be a student of Leeds East Academy. We will evaluate our responsibilities whilst representing the Academy and discuss how we feel when others make poor decisions which bring into question the good name of the school that we proudly attend. In addition to this, we will be speaking with students in assemblies about how we expect them to conduct themselves whilst wearing our Academy uniform. It is very much my view that a positive reputation takes years to build and seconds to destroy; the behaviour of those who seek to undermine the hard work of our fantastic students will not be accepted within our school community.

The improved reputation of our Academy has this week paid dividends as we welcomed the 152 parents who have chosen Leeds East Academy as their first place choice for September. In addition to the 152 first place choices, we have enough second place choices to fill the school. We currently have a waiting list of 10 students, who I am reviewing for possible inclusion in September, without undermining my commitment to significantly reduce class sizes in the school. I am thrilled that so many parents have trusted us to deliver the very best education for their child and it is my job to ensure that we do not disappoint.

Leeds East Academy is a fantastic school and a vibrant institution at the heart community life. As I drive through our school gates every day I feel an enormous sense of pride to lead as the Academy Principal. 

I would like to thank you for your ongoing support of the Academy.

Yours faithfully,


Chris Stokes


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