Leeds East Academy


Principal's Update

Demonstrating our commitment to education

This week has been a week of great achievement for both the students and staff of Leeds East Academy. Throughout the week, students have been demonstrating their commitment and determination to be successful in a number of different ways; Year 11 have been highly-focused in their Study+ Sessions and throughout the week I have been dropping into a number of lessons to see the hard work they are doing as they prepare for their exams in just 13 weeks’ time; Year 9 and 10 have been discussing with their coaches how the school will support them with additional lessons of English and Maths starting next Monday. Students have responded extremely positively to the changes, recognising the importance of making excellent progress in core subjects; and Year 7 have been demonstrating their commitment to their education by achieving fantastic attendance throughout the week.

Alongside all of this, the school had a visit this week from a senior government colleague from the Department for Education (DfE). The purpose of the visit was to look at what we are doing as a school to ensure that every student makes excellent progress with us. The visit involved a number of meetings with both senior leaders and students, and also included visits to lots of lessons. I am pleased to report to you that the visit went well and Mr Ions from the DfE reported to me at the end of the visit that he was reassured that we were taking the right steps to improve the school. Mr Ions also commented about the fantastic lessons he had visited and how the students represented their school to the very highest level and were fantastic in every discussion he had with them, a view which you know I wholeheartedly share.

As a final note to you this week, I wanted to let you know that in the coming weeks I will be looking to establish a greater understanding from the community about both the views of our school and the views of education in general. I would like as part of this open discussion, to invite a random selection of parents into school to let me know their views of what we can do better to support first and foremost the education of your children but also the community as a whole. I very much look forward to opening a greater dialogue with you all as we move toward ensuring that Leeds East Academy is a centre of excellence for education and community support.

Yours faithfully,

Chris Stokes


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