Leeds East Academy

Principal's Update

High Standards & Expectations for Attendance

I begin this week’s update with a reminder of the importance of attendance at Leeds East Academy, and the impact it has on each and every young person in our care. 

This year we have driven forward new standards of learning with high expectations across our school, and I am proud to say we will be one of the most highly-resourced schools in the country come September, with more teachers-per-student than ever. Our programme for school improvement exists to secure the best outcomes for our students, but the foundation of this success relies upon outstanding attendance. 

Following the bank holiday weekend, we experienced disappointing attendance with reasons ranging from tiredness to a sore finger. I am sure you will agree these are not acceptable excuses to miss out on over six hours of priceless learning, and government rules clearly dictate that an absence can only be fully authorised when a child is “too ill to attend.”

Genuine episodes for sickness will always be supported by the Academy. However, moving forward, the Academy has no choice but to follow the lead of other schools and insist that medical evidence now be provided for all instances of sickness. Failure to provide medical evidence in the event of absence will now lead to an unauthorised absence. Evidence can be provided in the form of a doctor’s appointment card, letter from the GP or copy of a prescription note.

As you will know, we reward resilience in attendance with a rewards trip which we all enjoy as a school community and I want everyone to be involved. Any students currently ineligible for the end of year reward trip will be able to secure their place if their attendance is above 98% for the final term of the school year. I sincerely hope to see all of our students on this trip.

Looking forward, the attendance target for the next academic year 2017-18 will be 97% for all students. I am delighted to reveal that students achieving this target will now join the first group to receive an iPad as part of our prestigious pilot student group in each year.

Outstanding attendance is an expectation of every student at Leeds East Academy. We have the ultimate goal of creating outstanding futures for the young people of East Leeds and I thank you for your ongoing support in assuring we secure that ambition.

Yours faithfully,


Chris Stokes


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