Leeds East Academy


Outstanding Attitudes to Learning

 Students have a Positive Approach to Studying. 

Over the last three years, there has been a transformational improvement in pupils’ behaviour and in their attitudes to learning. These positive attitudes are beginning to have an impact on student development as our Progress 8 Outcome of +0.33 led to Leeds East Academy becoming the fourth most improved school in England.

To assure Leeds East’s journey to outstanding, the Academy was externally reviewed by North Yorkshire Educational Services, which included a team of Senior Leaders from across the White Rose Academies Trust. Coincidently, the Academy was also inspected by Ofsted a week later as part of our Section 8 monitoring visit.

During both reviews, they agreed that our students are highly positive in their approach to learning. They display extremely high levels of engagement, courtesy and politeness and they are keen to discuss their work and what they enjoy about their school.

Inspectors used a mixture of their own observations, discussion with students, staff and parents as well as examination data to form their judgements and were impressed with the way our students take ownership of their learning.

Nick Horn, Lead Improvement Adviser, led the North Yorkshire Educational Services review and said: “What we have seen during the two days has been phenomenally positive.”

He added: “The school is a highly orderly environment and pupils conduct themselves well throughout the day. In lessons, pupils are keen to learn and have great confidence to all aspects of their learning.”

Mr Rafiq said: “The students want to succeed and improve.  The students’ confidence has grown and they have become self-assured learners who are developing an ambitious thirst for education.”  

And added: “Their excellent attitudes to learning continues to have a strong and positive impact on their progress and they are very proud of their achievements."