Leeds East Academy


Our World Class Goal

Continuing our Journey to Outstanding 

Following the Christmas break, our Principal addressed the whole staff body and launched our bid to be a ‘World Class’ school. The title of ‘World Class’ is a prestigious award given to schools who have achieved an outstanding judgement from Ofsted. This must be followed by continuing to provide an excellent education along with meeting other requirements such as; being in the second quintile or above for progress, being in the top quintile for attendance, above National Average for expected progress in English and maths for lower, middle and higher attainers, being in the top 20% nationally for Best 8 VA.

Our journey to becoming an ‘Outstanding’ school has begun and we are proud of the great progress made so far.  We have already seen rapid improvements in the attendance and achievement of our students. 

In 2015/16 the whole Academy attendance stood at 90%. The National average for attendance is currently 95% and this year we are pleased to report that our current attendance is in line with this; and above national average attendance in some year groups.  Improved attendance shows us that our students want to come to school, value the excellent education they are receiving and feel well supported by our talented team of staff.

Last summer, students achieved the best set of results our school has ever achieved and this has placed us in the top 15% of performing schools nationally and as the 4th most improved school in England. We are set to build on this success making further improvements this year and hope that the summer 2018 results will place us in the top 1% for ‘performance for progress’ of schools nationally. This is a real testament to the hard work of both our students and staff and shows how committed we are to ensuring our students receive a ‘World Class’ education.

Ms Carrie said: “It is an extremely exciting time to be a member of the Leeds East Academy family as we commence our bid to be recognised as a ‘World Class’ school. This status will not only raise the profile of what an excellent team we have at the Academy but it will also give our community the accolade it deserves by showing that our students, and their dedication, are nothing short of ‘World Class’. We look forward to keeping you posted on how our journey progresses over the course of this academic year.”