Leeds East Academy


Our Wider Community Focus

Building strong links with parents and carers.

At Leeds East Academy, we are extremely proud of all of our students and the community ethos that is developed within school. We are also sharply focused on extending our community beyond the school building. A key aspect of that work is building relationships with parents and carers of our students.

On 6th February, parents and carers attended Year 8 Options Evening. Miss McMillan said: “These evenings represent a wonderful illustration of how school and families work together to promote excellence in students. Seeing the whole of Year 8 together with their parents/carers thoughtfully selecting the GCSEs that will inform their future academic careers, is a real privilege.”

 Maintaining close links with families supports excellent pastoral care. Miss Precious added: “We work alongside families every day; we keep the Home/Student/School triangle as strong as possible, which ensures that students are able to reach their maximum potential. We have built really great relationships with parents, who in turn help us support them and their children through any struggles they may come across both in the community and within school.”