Leeds East Academy

NQT Stars at Leeds East Academy

We are extremely proud of our Newly Qualified Teachers (NQT) here at Leeds East Academy, all of which have worked incredibly hard throughout their first term with us. They are a hard working bunch who are totally invested in driving our school forward to Outstanding and we couldn’t be happier to have them on board.

One of our NQTs, Laura Gilmore, has made phenomenal progress. Ms Gill, Assistant Principal for Mathematics and Core Subject Development had the following to say about her team member:

“Laura has been a super star since she arrived. Her hard working and resilient attitude has ensured she has made excellent progress against the Teachers’ Standards and we are extremely happy to have her in the team.”

Laura is someone who constantly strives to improve her practice. She listens actively to feedback and then implements it, all with a quiet determination to succeed. We are extremely proud of Laura and wish her, along with the rest of the NQT cohort here at Leeds East, a well-deserved and restful Christmas break.

Words by Ms Widnall. 


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 Shining example of excellent teaching: Laura Gilmore.