Leeds East Academy


Mrs Lennon visits Downing Street

 Leeds East Academy represented at Number 10

Leeds East Academy has made exceptional progress over the last two years, classified as one of the top 15% secondary schools nationally and the highest performing school in our area. In recognition of this fantastic achievement, we were invited to Downing Street to celebrate the outstanding work of teachers. Representing our Academy, Mrs Lennon travelled down to London to join a cohort of other teachers to celebrate our success. She writes: 

On Monday 21st May I was honoured to represent Leeds East Academy at such a prestigious event. Our team at Leeds East Academy demonstrate outstanding dedication and commitment to each and every one of our students and it was a privilege to have the opportunity to champion our continuous hard work. A hundred teachers from a range of educational settings and from different parts of the UK were invited to the event and I was thrilled to stand amongst so many devoted professionals.

As I walked through the iconic door of 10 Downing Street I was overwhelmed to be in such a momentous building, steeped in history. A select few were invited to meet the Prime Minister before her speech; it was a wonderful chance to talk to other inspiring teachers and of course meet Theresa May in person.

The room was filled with a sense of pride as the Prime Minister delivered her speech, which acknowledged the significant role teachers have in society, shaping and inspiring the future.

The Prime Minister stated “You educate. You inspire. You unlock the potential of young minds, turn their aspirations into reality, you nurture the innovators, leaders and entrepreneurs of tomorrow”.

For myself and many teachers I feel this is the reason we take so much pride in the job that we do, aiming to positively impact every student we teach. It was certainly a proud moment that I will not forget.

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