Leeds East Academy


In the Top 25% of Schools Nationally

A message from The Principal - The Highest Performing School

Dear Parent(s)* 

I am writing to you this afternoon to share some excellent news about our school! 

Each year, on the second Thursday in October, the national league tables are published for all secondary schools in the country. As a Principal, this is just as scary as results day as we wait to see how we compare to schools in the local area, Leeds, the Region and also against the 6480 secondary schools nationally.

I am thrilled to be able to tell you that Leeds East Academy is now officially a secondary school where students make ‘above average’ progress compared to their peers nationally. What this means is that Leeds East Academy is now officially in the top 25% of secondary schools in the country – we believe, we are around the top 15%! 

In addition to this, Leeds East Academy is:

  • The highest performing school in the area by a significant margin
  • The most improved school in Leeds
  • The most improved school in West Yorkshire
  • The most improved school in Yorkshire
  • The second most improved school in the north of England
  • The fourth most improved school in the country

Having begun my journey with Leeds East Academy just over a year ago, I am absolutely delighted with just how far we have come and cannot thank enough staff, students and parents for trusting in me as we moved forward at pace with our improvement plans for the school.

This, of course, I would like to say is just the beginning! I will not be satisfied until every single child at Leeds East Academy achieves an outstanding set of GCSE results and my ambition for Leeds East Academy is to see it placed in the top 1% of schools in the country.

To celebrate this amazing achievement for our community, we will have an additional non-school uniform day on Monday 16th October. This is in addition to the one already planned for Thursday 19th October.

Congratulations to us all!

Yours faithfully,


Chris Stokes