Leeds East Academy


Highly Personalised Red Zone

Red Zone Phase Two: Challenge for All.

Red Zone is a highly impactful teaching strategy, which prepares students to be successful in their exams. Red Zone work involves silent, independent exam practice and is a key element of all classes at Leeds East Academy.

First introduced last year, it has had a significant impact on pupil progress and made a valued contribution to the fantastic results the school achieved in September.

The first phase of the strategy was to ensure that Red Zone was present in all lessons and completed in red pen by students.

We are now ready to launch the second phase of this strategy to ensure that Red Zone tasks are highly personalised and offer real challenges for all students to secure good progress from their starting points.

To achieve this, teaching staff at Leeds East Academy will be attending a number of workshops to help plan challenging tasks, which are catered to the exact needs of our pupils.

Mrs. Carrie said: “Personalisation of Red Zone tasks is vital to support our students to achieve their target grades and we are very excited to evaluate the impact of the next phase of Red Zone on our students’ progress."