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Farewell Year 11 Class of 2018

 Celebrating success: assembly and prom night

Year 11 students at Leeds East Academy have worked tirelessly throughout the GCSE exam period so far. Their work ethic and determination has been excellent and we are incredibly proud of our students and the resilience that they have shown. We believe that hard work deserves reward. Our Year 11 students were rewarded following a gruelling two and a half hour English exam with a celebratory assembly and students were able to unwind and celebrate at their prom.

Students (and teachers!) looked stunning in their dresses and suits at their end-of-year event, which was a chance for pupils to reflect on their successes and accompaniments they’ve achieved over the past five years, hosted at Mercure Hotel, Leeds.

The leaver’s assembly was a fantastic event for students to enjoy. It was an opportunity to praise our students for their attitudes to the exams, and throughout the year, and to celebrate some very special successes.

In the assembly, Abi was awarded the prestigious prize of a £100 Amazon voucher to recognise her exemplary attendance. Abi has had 100% attendance since year 7! As well as having outstanding attendance, Abi also has a remarkable work ethic which together has resulted in Abi exceeding all of her targets in all subjects. Read about Abi being selected as Student of the Month here.

Fleima, Bradley and Shauna also received awards for their resilience and ambition. All three students have been working towards some very specific targets to improve the quality and impact of their revision.

They have worked with Miss Gill to identify key areas within subjects to focus their revision and have worked hard to prioritise these areas in their revision. Fleima, Bradley and Shauna attended an interview style meeting with Miss Gill where they were expected to present on their revision strategies.

Miss Gill said: “The quality and detail that had been put into the presentations was excellent. I was blown away by the efforts of Fleima, Bradley and Shauna.”

Throughout the assembly and prom night there were many heartfelt messages from teachers to the Year 11 cohort that tugged on the heart strings. It was clear for anyone to see that the teachers at Leeds East Academy care about our students- they will be missed.

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