Leeds East Academy


Countdown to Exam Success

The importance of high-quality revision

This half term, Leeds East Academy’s countdown to exam success has really begun. Some Year 11 students have already completed examinations for Health and Social care and IT. The May/June exam period is fast approaching and teachers are doing all they can to prepare students for this challenging time.

It has been fantastic to see so many students attending after-school revision clubs from the first week back after the Christmas holidays. Our students have fully understood the importance of high-quality revision and are utilising the various revision sessions available to them in addition to engaging in all of their lessons.

Year 11 students have their mock GCSE exams taking place in the week commencing 29th January and we are all excited to see the progress that our students have made over the last 3 months. Maths, English, Science and Spanish mock exams will take place in the hall with external invigilators to help students familiarise themselves with the exam protocol in preparation for their GCSEs.

Homework and revision materials remain a vital part of students learning outside of the classroom and will likely begin to take up more time beyond the school day as students feel the momentum building up to their GCSE exams. February half term and Easter holiday revision sessions will be arranged to support students with their revision to continue to improve students’ knowledge and skills in different subject areas.

Ms Pickering said: “We have had great attendance at maths revision so far this year with students from every set taking part. It’s a great atmosphere when students are revising on Fridays and shows their resilience and determination. There are additional revision sessions on Wednesday and Thursday that are also attended well.”

Ms Gill added: “We cannot wait to see our students’ faces on results day for what will be a hugely celebratory day following the tireless hard work of our students and staff to ensure that 2017/2018 is our most successful year yet.”  

With only 16 school weeks remaining until the GCSE exam period begins, the countdown is on!