Leeds East Academy


Business in FOCUS

Hands on experience with Into University

On Tuesday 21st November, a group of Year 10 pupils from Leeds East Academy participated in the Business in FOCUS event, hosted by online banking company, First Direct, within their offices. In a team activity, two groups competed against each other by proposing ideas about why they believed their given city, Madrid or Chicago, deserved to win the Global Games bid.

Each student within the team had a role to fill from Chief Executive to Merchandising Officer, and were competing to win the most 'Rings' (representing currency). Throughout the day, the students went into gruelling meetings with the Global Games Committee, who provided feedback to team members on their ideas.

The day came to an end with a Global Game opening ceremony from each team. The students, IntoUniversity staff and school staff all had an excellent day.

Into University developed the Business in FOCUS scheme in response to students’ desire for exciting, informative, and ‘hands on’ work experience and immerse them into a real working life environment.

Mrs Christie said: “It was an amazing day for the students and a real eye opener for them. The relaxed atmosphere was nice, bright and happy. The open plan offices seemed very busy but productive. All the student want to work there!”