Leeds East Academy


Building Strong Partnerships

Working together with local groups

As an outward thinking Trust, we are aware of the many benefits that can be gained from working with a number of partners. Mr Reynolds writes about how Leeds East Academy are extremely proud of our strong partnerships which play a significant role in our Academy’s success. He shares: 

Within our Academy, we often welcome a range of external visitors whom all contribute to day-to-day school life for our students. This ranges from our local primary schools who we work with extremely closely to ensure that students from both our Academy and the feeder schools can enjoy a smooth transition into secondary school.

The White Rose Academies Trust is working alongside ‘The Gorse Academies Trust’, one of the most successful trusts in the country. Leeds East Academy has been fortunate to access a range of continual professional development for staff, as well as sharing good practise around engaging teaching and learning. This has contributed to the Academy’s rapid improvement over the last year.

We are able to work with a range of external agencies in order to provide world class support for our students. We understand that in order to guarantee our students are successful after their school career, they need to work with and have access to additional support from external agencies. This can range from academic mentoring, counselling, arts therapy and additional social activities. We also use external agencies to deliver specific sessions to our students around delicate issues facing young people such as the ‘Prison, Me? No Way’ and ‘Humanutopia’.

We are very proud of the partnerships that we have developed in our local community. Our students currently benefit from the work we do with the local radio station, Chapel Fm. This has proved very popular with our students as it allows them access to technology and specific equipment used in every radio station.

A strong partnership will benefit any organisation when both share the same goals. We are committed to providing the best opportunities for our young people. We will always be looking to grow our partnerships further.