Leeds East Academy


Acting Principal's Update

Meeting attendance targets

This week at Leeds East Academy has been a challenging but resilient week for both staff and students. On Monday we introduced our new split break and split lunch, which is designed to reduce the number of students in the canteen at any one time. This new system was always going to be challenging for us all to get used to, but as expected both staff and students excelled in rising to the challenge. I am enormously proud, despite the difficulties of the heavy rain on Monday, of how mature and respectful our students were to staff as we worked through the difficulties presented. As we reach the end of this week I am much happier knowing that more students than ever were served at break and lunch this week, whilst the average queue time was reduced from almost fifteen minutes down to just five. 

It is quite timely for the purposes of this letter that during assemblies this week, Mr Rafiq (Senior Vice Principal) discussed two of our core values; Resilience and Respect. Students at Leeds East Academy never cease to amaze me with how they tackle change head on and consistently work with staff to move our school forward. Staff and students alike are rightly very proud to be a part of Leeds East Academy and it is great to hear from the Student Council this week that they feel that the school is moving forward and that they continue to feel safe and happy in school. This remains our absolute priority and as the weeks go by, I will continue to meet with representatives from the student body in order to gain invaluable feedback on how things are progressing within school. 

Linking into another of our core values, Punctuality; I am also delighted this week to let you know that 456 of our students met their Academy attendance target of 96% last half term, meaning that they were eligible to go on the bowling reward trip. The first of two trips to the bowling alley took place today and students conducted themselves to the very highest standards, with staff on the trip commenting how proud they were to be with students from our school. Well done to all staff and students who took part. The second bowling trip will take place next week.   

Looking towards the remaining few weeks of this term, as the days grow even shorter and the weather turns cold, it is absolutely critical that we continue to work together to ensure that students are in school and learning. Every day I talk to my team about the importance of squeezing every second of learning out of each lesson and this commitment to your child’s education needs to be matched by students attending school unless there is a genuine reason not to. Research clearly shows that there is an irrefutable link between attendance from Year 7 upwards and the outcomes that students achieve when they leave school in Year 11. We must all continue to work together to ensure that we meet our attendance targets – every day really does count.

Yours faithfully,

Chris Stokes
Acting Principal

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